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William Kaye Esses is one among the founding fathers of numerical psychology and a leading statistical learning theorist. Estes proven the comparison of experimental observations of habit with laptop simulation version.

His function of numerical psychology reflects theoretical issues relating to perception, choice, learning, memory and categorization. A serious concern about the theorist is creation of clear understanding and application of statistical methods in psychology. A single major consideration in mathematical psychology is a application of Markov process in real life situations. Markov procedure arises in statistics and probability.

It is just a random procedure whereby anticipated or upcoming behavior cannot be predicted simply by considering previous behavior (FABBS Foundation, n d). A lot of applications of Markov analysis in real life situation is in the circumstance of traffic, business habit or improvement of an pandemic. A real life circumstance reflected in Markov analysis is traffic flow which is a significant problem in many regions of the world specifically developing towns. Markov process as is utilized in traffic clearly details probalistic patterns of traffic queues in many urban centers. This is utilized properly in areas which can be closely noticed especially in an intersection considering spatial file format.

Markov method is applied in traffic in estimation of travel times that is vehicles landings and starting or traffic volumes through applications of source destinations. Discovering devices record the arrival and departure time of cars, airplanes or perhaps trains. Vehicle concentration at various road segments can be described as clear signal of a detras distribution which provides a clear estimation of traffic (FABBS Foundation, n d). Estimation of origin spots is tough but using simulation model easily locates traffic counts at intersections.

Application of Markov process as a result simulates vehicles network which in turn reflects the actual traffic is important. Reference FABBS Foundation. William Kaye Estes. Retrieved upon 22nd Come july 1st 2010 from, http://www. fabbs. org/Estes_Honor. html code

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