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Physiological effects are also a hand out when we think about the effects of substance abuse. For instance, it is noted that ladies have higher chances of producing liver disease, human brain and center damage than men whether or not their period of drinking is usually lesser than their men counterparts. The link between cancer of the breast and alcohol abuse was also found (National Could Health Report Online, 2007).

Treatment-wise, it had been noted that girls who have a problem with substance-related problems do not have attainable services and resources. There is also a need to “develop training subjects for employees on the problems of home-based violence… inch (Institute pertaining to Women’s Leadership, n. g., pp. 3-4) as home violence often leads to drug abuse as it is utilized by women while coping system to this kind of kind of marriage difficulties (NCADV, 2009). The technique of “intervention” or other forms of remedy which are confrontational in mother nature are also problematic for women because they tend to get overly interested in what other folks will consider them, and their significant groups or circles (Estronaut, 1999).

Gender Specific: The necessity to Study Women’s Issues in Substance Abuse

Now, we have already established the differences of drug abuse between males and females. Particularly we have pointed out some gender-specific reasons for developing material addiction, specific gender-specific associated with this problem, plus more importantly, the challenges when it comes to treatment because women’s habit are different from males.

There simple fact that male or female differences happen upon the period of socialization, is enough for all of us to extend the argumentation in that claiming that stark distinctions are involved in the various issues surrounding substance habit. Hence, it is vital for us to raised understand these types of differences, through conducting more studies within this field, just because a solid and grounded knowledge of women issues can definitely lead to more sensible and confident benefits, i actually. e. designing gender-specific treatment styles and facilities to address women problems.


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