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string(166) ‘ of the shareholders that are the following: VINTAGE ACCOUNT: ¢ This account allows the customer to trade through the internet site and is suitable for the retail investors\. ‘

SUMMERY In today’s organization environment many of stockbroker’s presents PMS (Portfolio Management Services). While seeing the business environment of Stockbrokers the main business is the way they offer low brokerage and better providers to the consumers. In this context an attempt is built to study the SWOT analysis of PMS (Portfolio Managing Services) proposed by SHREKHAN Limited.

Which features what are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of PMS (Portfolio Management Services) offered by SHREKHAN Ltd. because compare to additional competitors offered this structure.

Also take the interview of 100 consumers and see what the expectations about the PMS (Portfolio Management Services) are offered by SHREKHAN Ltd STAND OF ARTICLES? Acknowledgments ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦? Abbreviations ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦..? An Business Summary ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦..? Industry Profile¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦? Company Profile¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦..? Market share of Share khan¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦? Introduction to project¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦? Hypothesis with the Project ¦¦¦¦¦¦? Objectives Project¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦? Limitations with the Project¦¦¦¦¦¦?

Study Methodology ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦,? Empirical Evaluation ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦..? Bottom line ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦? Bibliography¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦. Abbreviation AMC: Annual Repair charges. BSE: Bombay Stock market. DP: Depository participant. IPO: Initial Community Offer. MCX: Multi Commodity Exchange. MT: Management Thesis. NAV: Net Asset Value. NCDEX: Countrywide Commodity and derivatives Exchange. NCFM: Nationwide Stock Exchange Documentation In Financialservices. NFO: New Fund Give. NSE: National Stock Exchange. PMS: Portfolio Management Services. SEBI: Security Exchange Board of India.

Market Profile Simply by 1830’s business on corporate and business stocks and shares in Bank and Cotton engages took place in Bombay, there were only half dozen brokers identified by banks and merchants during 1840 and 1850. In 1860-61 the number of brokers increased to about 200 to 250. In 1895, the Stock Exchange bought a philosophy in the same street and it was inaugurated in 1899. Thus, the Stock Exchange at Bombay was combining. Trading Pattern with the Indian Wall street game Trading in Indian share exchanges is limited to listed securities of public limited companies.

They are broadly divided into two categories, namely, ¢ Specified securities (forward list) ¢ Non-specified securities (cash list). A part broker within an Indian stock exchange can work as an agent, trade securities for his clientele on a commission basis. National Stock Exchange (NSE) The Nationwide Stock Exchange was incorporated in 1992 simply by Industrial Creation Bank of India, ICICI, all Insurance Corporations, picked commercial financial institutions and others. Trading at NSE can be categorized under two broad types: (a) Low cost debt market and (b) Capital market.

Wholesale personal debt market procedures are similar to money market operations , institutions and company bodies enter into high value deals in financial devices such as federal government securities, treasury bills, community sector product bonds, industrial paper, license of pay in, etc . There are two sorts of players in NSE: 1 ) Trading associates and 2 . Participants. Acknowledged members of NSE are called trading members who operate on behalf of themselves and their customers. Participants incorporate trading users and large players like banking companies who take direct settlement responsibility.

India’s oldest and first stock exchange is Bombay Stock Exchange which can be established in 1875. A lot more than 6, 1000 stocks listed in BSE. Totally there are 22 stock exchanges in India. They are located in Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, Delhi and so forth There is also a National Stock Exchange (NSE) which is positioned in Mumbai. Addititionally there is an Over the Counter Exchange of India (OTCEI) which allows set of small and medium sized corporations. The regulatory agency which will oversees the functioning of stock markets is the Investments and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), which is also located in Bombay

Overview of Company Sharekhan is a organization, which is functioning under SSKI (S. S i9000. Kantilal Ishwarlal Securities Limited. ). SSKI was founded in 1922. SSKI is One among India’s Most well-known Brokerage Houses Having Eight Decades of Encounter into:? Institutional Broking? Purchase Banking? Price tag Broking It really is one of the Starting members from the Stock Exchange, Mumbai and Master Institutional Broker. SSKI Entered into Retail Broking in 85. Share khan is the Full Broking Arm of the BIG 80 Years aged organization my spouse and i. e. of SSKI and “Sharekhan is the Brand Name provided to its Selling Business.

SSKI carries out the Retail Broking Activities beneath “Sharekhan Brand Name. Sharekhan Stores act as Full Service Expense Solutions Provider, providing you wide range of services just like “? Equity , Derivatives Trading in NSE and BSE? On the web Trading? Items Trading upon MCX , NCDEX? Profile Management Solutions? Depository Solutions? IPO Companies? Wide Range of Custom-made Research Items? Uniform Support Standards Offerings of the Sharekhan: , Sharekhan offers equally Offline and online trading account.

Great a days it mainly concentrates on on the net trading accounts through which a buyer can buy and sell shares instantly from any part of the earth trough site. It does not take into account any type of physical restriction of going to the broker for carrying away a purchase or any sort of settlement of payment. It facilitates the client a speedy and simple transaction. Discuss khan’s merchandise consists of a 4-in-1 concept, which usually integrates: ¢ D-mat Consideration ¢ Trading Account ¢ Bank Link ¢ Dial-N-Trade For carrying out a trading of shares everybody need D-mat A/C. In his D-mat AIR-CONDITIONING one can continue to keep his stocks and shares.

Then Sharekhan provides a Trading A/C Through this trading account, a Sharekhan buyer can directly transfer his funds coming from his family savings i. e. from banking account to Sharekhan to his trading account without any newspaper work. He can buy and sell shares from the site and also see the market prices of the stocks he investments on the terminal. Sharekhan. com allows trading at present just on NSE. BSE trading will be soon available. To open an account a client requires filling up a form including 12 contracts, a passport size image, a home proof, a photo id resistant and a cheque sketched of individual amount in favor of S.

S i9000. Kantilal Ishwarlal Securities Pvt. Ltd. , From 22 March, 2007cheque is used favor of Sharekhan Limited. itself. Following opening a merchant account with Sharekhan, a customer will probably be given End user id, Regular membership password and trading username and password, which will allow him to reach his account and control. Products of “SHAREKHAN: , Sharekhan offers 2 types of products in line with the volume-based requirements of the buyers that are the following: CLASSIC ACCOUNT: ¢ This accounts allows the customer to trade through the web page and is well suited for the full investors.

You read ‘To Study Swot Analysis to get Portfolio Managing Services Offered by Sharekhan Ltd. ‘ in category ‘Management’ Here maximum scripts that can be shown for the terminal are only 25. Likewise the technological charts are generally not available. ¢ It’s a JAVA BASED APPLET, which allows trading only through website and discover latest rates of the intrigue of your choice which can be attached below. ¢ This kind of account as well allows trading in Derivatives. ¢ The lifetime registration charge in this account is definitely Rs. 750 and there is simply no constraint of minimum turnover. SPEED TRADE ACCOUNT: , o This is certainly ideal for lively traders who transact usually during day’s trading program to monetize on intra-day price motions. Speed control is Internet-based application primarily based software, which can be available on a CD, which offers everything an investor needs using one screen, therefore, reducing enough time required to perform trade. to Speed transact offers a tick-by-tick bring up to date on inventory price moves with marketplace depth and intra-day data and enables the client perform his very own stock/technical analysis. o As the Lifetime fee for this accounts is Rs. 1000 /- with a lowest brokerage of Rs. 1500 /- to get generated each quarterly. AWAY LINE SERVICES-? In this Dmats A/C can be open in Rs 350/-? In this speculator has to come in office intended for trading. Lender Connection:

Sharekhan provides affiliation with 8 banking institutions, which allows its customers to take pleasure from the center of fast credit and transfer of funds via his cost savings bank account to his Sharekhan trading account. The affiliated banks will be as follows: HDFC BANK? UTI FINANCIAL INSTITUTION? CITI FINANCIAL INSTITUTION? ICICI TRADITIONAL BANK? OBC LENDER? UNION FINANCIAL INSTITUTION? INDUSLAND TRADITIONAL BANK? IDBI BANK DIAL-N-TRADE: , It is also an exclusive service offered to all Sharekhan customers to get trading in shares with the telephone. In dialing the toll free quantity 1800-22-7500 the client will be directed to a tele-broker who will buy or sell shares for him. Following Hour Orders:

Sharekhan customers also relish the facility of putting orders possibly after the trading hours, plus the orders will be executed when the market starts. Brokerage: – ¢ It can be one of the significant things, which are discovered by the consumer while beginning a D-mat A/C. ¢ For Intraday Transactions that they charge 0. 05 % on each calf Transaction. ¢ For Delivery Transactions that they charge zero. 50 % on each lower-leg Transaction. , ¢ To get Derivatives Ventures they demand 0. 05 % on each of your leg Purchase. Trade in Commodity: , Sharekhan as well trade in commodities like Bullion: Precious metal / Metallic and Agricultural commodities through Sharekhan Asset Pvt.

Ltd. which are a wholly owned subsidiary of its parent SSKI. Research Crew of Sharekhan: , Exploration and specific knowledge of market segments provide a lot better than speculations or reacting to rumors. Analysis team supplies knowledge with their customers about market condition. ¢ In morning they offer “Eagle Eye which tells about how industry will be in whole day. ¢ In afternoon they provide “High Noon which in turn tells that up to that period how was the market and what about the rest of the time and what will be the condition of the market. ¢ After the market they examine the market summery of the whole day and give idea about following day market.

Mobile-N-Trade facility: , Now Sharekhan is providing the facility that their customers can easily do trading via the help of all their mobile handset. For that purpose they have to pay out some extra impose to switch on that center. Importance of the investigation to the Business: , 1) The organization get’s the competitive information about the prices strategy of their competitor’s. 2) Through that they may establish all their new prices strategy to gain competitive edge. 3) That they came to know the effects of making use of the pricing approach in the market. Site of company: SHAREKHAN Limited Cross Property, 1204/22, T M Road, Opposite Shambhaji Park

Shivajinagar, Pune, 411005 Phone Number: 020 25520002 Way to Share Khan (JM Road, Pune) Products of Sharekhan: – 1) Stock broking (NSE, BSE) 2) F , O broking (Future and option) 3) PMS (Portfolio Management Services) 4) Product trading 5) Insurance 6) Mutual account 7) Pan card 8) IPO (Initial public offer) |Sharekhan Providers | |Sharekhan, one of India’s leading broker agent houses, may be the retail arm ofSSKI. With over 510 share shops in 170 cities, and India’s top online trading | |portal www. sharekhan. com, our customers get pleasure from multi-channel use of the stock markets. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Introduction

The project assigned is “TO Study SWOT Analysis Pertaining to Portfolio Managing Services Offered By SHAREKHAN Limited. In JM Road, Pune. The purpose of job is to understand Portfolio Administration Services, its function, conditions involved in and types of Portfolio Managing Services. And in addition study competitors PMS Companies in this way that to help the corporation in its day-to-day work. I actually worked with the company as a managing trainee in SHAREKHAN ltd. Hypothesis 1 . People individuals have large excess cash interested in investing in PMS. installment payments on your Retail investors are also at this point take interest from this scheme. 3. PMS plan does not have an overabundance impact on sales revenue of SHAREKHAN. OBJECTIVE? To study Stock portfolio Management Companies Offered By SHAREKHAN Ltd. To understand Portfolio Managing Services as well as importance.? To study various types of Portfolio Supervision Services? To find out about the Portfolio Administration Services Proposed by competitors of SHAREKHAN Ltd? To understand and know several terms employed in and procedure used in Profile Management Services in industry.? Make the SWOT analysis of Portfolio Administration Services offered by SHAREKHAN Limited. LIMITATIONS Whilst completing this kind of project next limitations are occurred:? Visual Constraint: ,? Wrong Attitude about Discuss Market: ,? Lack of awareness: ,? Lack of Funds: , Methodology This job is Descriptive type of the project.

Through this project I actually considered the particular part of prices strategy with the organization, and i also also researched the topic of my personal Management Thesis from viewpoint of fish hunter 360 degree. This kind of project comes under the Formal Research through which objectives happen to be clearly defined and where researcher gathers complete information about almost all aspects of the project. There is a formal process to execute research, I actually followed pursuing steps of methodology to conduct the research, Identifying , Defining Issue Planning your research Design Selecting a Research Approach Selecting a Sample Procedure Info Collection Analyzing the Data Organizing the Research Report Sources of the data: , Whilst collecting your data for project two types of Sources are being used. 1 . Major sources:

In this, data is collected directly from participants using customer survey, direct observation , interview techniques. Thus for this purpose My spouse and i visited 150 people inside the JM Road, Pune. I interviewed these people and asked them several questions related to my task and try to understand the actual effect 2 . Extra sources: , In this form of data collection I employed the information which can be already gathered by some other person or in printed form before I actually collected. Causes of secondary data include websites, books, Internet, Journals plus the pamphlets, plus the broachers created by the company because of their advertisement, and so forth I utilized above technique , info sources for my job by following methods What is PMS (Portfolio Management Services)? Which means of PMS

The word stock portfolio means a set or perhaps group or combination of securities held simply by and entrepreneur. And the expression management means to conduct or perhaps manage in a suitable way. Therefore it means handling of talk about in a right way expecting the risk and return. Portfolio Management is definitely the process of selecting a bundle of securities that could provide the investment organization a maximum yield for a given level of risk or on the other hand ensure bare minimum risk for a given level of go back. A stock portfolio is described a t the composite resin set of ownership rights to financial possessions in which the trader wishes obtain. Portfolios happen to be, thus, consisting of securities. It means manages your cash by finance manager. It merely requires like Spend your money in PMS, settle-back and do nothing at all.  Benefits of investing in PMS V/s Mutual Fund ¢ You have higher control over the asset allowance, whereas it truly is automatic in a mutual finance. ¢ The portfolio can be customized to match your risk-return account ¢ The portfolio supervisor has comparatively greater versatility to move out and in of cash when required depending on market look at. ¢ Typically, charges are lower and more transparent in PMS vis a am?iais a Shared Fund ¢ Holdings not impacted by access / quit of the buyers. How Sharekhan Manages Stock portfolio? Sharekhan collection Management Services? Protech? Proprime? Proarbitrage [pic]

A Trading based collection management structure: – Sharekhan introduces a PMS Protech for- a customer with greater risk profile using the tenents of Technical Analysis. Product Offerings 1 ) Nifty Thrifty 2 . Beta Portfolio 1 . Nifty Thrifty: – Awesome futures will be bought and sold based on an automated trading system that generates cell phone calls to go long / short. The exposure never is higher than value of portfolio we. e. there is not any leveraging, although being short in Great allows you to make even in falling marketplaces and right now there by generates linear comes back. Features of Nifty thrifty: to Nifty futures are traded on the basis of an automated trading system that builds calls to go long / short. The exposure can never exceeds the value of the stock portfolio i. elizabeth. no leveraging, but will allow to be short in Great in dropping market for that reason allowing the customer to generate irrespective of the market direction. u The balance funds will be invested in Liquid Money o Cash management rules will be in place to see which the capital is not eroded. 2 . Beta Portfolio: – Stocks in long term technical up developments are discovered at several inflection items in their trading cycles. 80% of the portfolio is exchanged in delivery of these kinds of stocks. twenty percent is used in creating and options publication i. e. buying calls/puts of the index / stocks to increase the portfolio beta and hedge against stumbling blocks. Features of Beta Portfolio: Stocks in long term technical up trends happen to be identified by various inflection points in their trading periods o 80% of the stock portfolio is exchanged in delivery of this sort of stocks. o 20% is used in creating and options book i actually. e. obtaining calls/puts from the index / stocks to enhance the stock portfolio beta and hedge against pitfalls. to The use of timing for delivery and options for a bigger beta will attempt to offer a superior rate of returns through a risk only 20% of the capital. o Funds management guidelines will be in position to see which the capital is usually not worn away. o Stock portfolio rebalancing may be conducted between cash and options sections based on the profitability of each portion. Product characteristics: Using swing/momentum based index trading systems with stop/reverse trend pursuing.? Investor get the best of worlds by:? Having positions in money and options? Delivery positions enable earnings maximization, whilst options placement offered substantial beta temporary profit in the same stock portfolio.? Low impact cost. Product details: ¢ Lowest investment Rs. 5 Lakh ¢ Lock in for a few months ¢ Fortnightly reporting of Portfolio Fortune ¢ Month to month reporting of Portfolio Holdings/Transactions ¢ twenty percent profit sharing fees about booked earnings quarterly basis ¢ five per cent discount about profit showing fees [to 15%] for investment of 1 crore OR PERHAPS lock in of 1 year. ¢ 0% AMC fees Broker agent 0. 05% for derivatives and 0. 30% pertaining to delivery. Awesome futures will be bought and sold based on an automated trading system that may generate phone calls to go long/short. The system continues to be tested during the last 20 years of dataandperformance continues to be very very good [details or returns v/s risk are availablefor interested investors]. The portfolio’s exposure will never exceed the importance of the profile, i. e. there will probably be no leveraging. But the approach will allow all of us to go short/hedge on Great in slipping markets, thus yielding earnings irrespective of the industry direction. The portfolio is going to either always be long or short by any means point period. Nifty Thrifty: | |Nifty futures are bought and sold on the basis of an automated trading system that generates phone calls to go long/short. The | |exposure hardly ever exceeds worth of profile i. electronic. there is no leveraging, but staying short in Nifty enables you to earn possibly in | |falling markets and there by generateslinear | Product offerings: 1 ) The Extreme Scheme: Suitable for investors taking a look at higher comes back with high risk appetite. This kind of portfolio contains high development stocks fulfilling any of the pursuing conditions:? Expected growth in profitability Turn around and corporate reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling enabling value unlocking? Relatively low value? Mid to small hat companies 2 . The Well-balanced Scheme: Perfect for investors looking at steady comes back with low risk appetite. This stock portfolio consist of blend of quality blue chip and growth shares ensuring an equilibrium portfolio with relatively method risk profile. Product procedure: Investments depend on 3 tenets: I. Steady, steady and sustainable earnings II. Margin of security III. Low volatility Item characteristics:? Bottom up inventory selection? In-depth, independent primary research? High quality companies with sustainable competitive advantage?

Disciplined valuation procedure applying multiple valuation procedures? Medium to long term eyesight, resulting in low portfolio turnover Product specifics:? Minimum expense: Rs. your five lakh? Secure: 3 months? Revealing: Online entry to portfolio holdings, monthly credit reporting of portfolio holdings/transactions? Expenses: 2 . 5% per annum AMC fees recharged every 1 / 4, 0. five per cent brokerage, twenty percent profit writing after 15% hurdle is usually crossed- chargeable at the end with the fiscal year. Product offerings: Cash-future Accommodement: it areas risk free chances that yield greater returns than conventional risk free products. On spotting the opportunity, the stock is usually bought and future is sold to secure the distributed.

Position can be liquidated in case the spread items before period or in expiry, whatever comes before. In this manner, the scheme movements from one opportunity to another. Product approach: There exists an inherent prospect in the distributed that lies between cash and options contracts. When the distributed is excessive stocks will be bought, at the same time futures are offered to secure the difference which is then bound to be zero at expiry. Product attributes: Risk Free: Generally, it is free of risk and can be compared to RBI a genuine and GILT funds. High Returns: As compared with other actually zero risk items, it offers about an 8% post tax returns. Product information:? Minimum Expense: Rs. five lakh? Secure: 3 months Revealing: fortnightly to get portfolio fortune, monthly to get portfolio holdings/Transactions? Charges: zero. 035% broker agent for money, 0. 075% for delivery SWOT ANALYSIS Of PMS (Portfolio Administration Services) provided by SHAREKHAN Ltd. Strengths In Sharekhan’s PMS (Portfolio Managing Services) Very low product just like NIFTY THRIFTY. It is the big strength pertaining to Sharekhan, because Sharekhan is only the license holder of NIFTY CASH CONSCIOUS. Generally investors give more preference to this product since it works on the TECHNICAL basis and gives maximum returns is just about forty percent. It is the maximum returns that no different product offers this much of returns to investors. The other item i. elizabeth. BETA Stock portfolio which works on Fundamental level.

In this merchandise 80% with the portfolio is usually trade in the Delivery basis and the staying 20% can be trade in Option basis i. at the. buying calls/puts. so investors gets fixed returns. Hence the product ProTech is very big strength with the Sharekhan Ltd. Weaknesses Sharekhan’s other items ProPrime and ProArbitrage will gives as much business since ProTech. From this two products risk is definitely low plus the returns are steady or low. From this scheme money of traders invested in RBI Bonds and GILIT funds, in this way though as out-do other no risk goods, it offers approximately 8% post tax returns. Therefore generally for this reason investors are generally not prefere to invest their money from this scheme.

Due to large expenditure in PMS (Portfolio Management Services) it can be minimum 5 lakh Traders does not take interest in these kinds of scheme. Sharekhan does not have product of small purchase, under your five lakh the fact that retail shareholders also take interest in PMS (Portfolio Administration Services). Possibilities As per mention above simply Sharekhan provides the license to use ProTech consisting of NIFTY CASH CONSCIOUS and BETA portfolio therefore investors does not have some other option for investment there money if they would like to invest in ProtTch. So this can be proved as being a very big opportunity for Sharekhan to capture the marketplace and to find the customer in terms of ProTech is usually concern. As per the studies the retail buyers are taking affinity for investing in PMS.

Because in PMS the portfolio is managed like a individual basis. In PMS services there is also a fund Administrator who handles our portfolio. So now full investors are take part in PMS services. So that it will be chance for Sharekhan to boost their organization and will consider market lead. Threats In Pune Kotak and Motilal Oswal are the good opponents of Sharekhan. Because Kotak has a 12 years experience in PMS solutions, they have good products just like Sharekhan. The other competitor is usually Pukhraj Securities because they offer the PMS scheme that has the minimum investment Rs 2, 00, 000/- And Sharekhan has the products which has minimum expense Rs., 00, 000/-So Pukhraj also turn into a good competition for Sharekhan. Second the entries of Reliance in stock broking will defiantly create a problem for Sharekhan. Market share of different stock broker for PMS in Pune [pic] Industry share pertaining to PMS in Pune is captured simply by Kotak more than Sharekhan as well as other stock agents. It is leading because Tampilan provide this kind of service via more than more than a decade. Sharekhan started this structure from the year 2003. In extremely short period it also captures market and very competes with Kotak. Make back to the others. [pic] Because of higher purchase requisition including minimum purchase is of Rs. 5, 00, 000/- in PMS and so the no of investors are much less than other goods. [pic]

Following taking the 90 client’s interview the result is derived as out of 95 investors thirty-five are opt for sharekhan to get their money. The second on the get ranking is Kotak. So it is turned out that the PMS scheme offered by sharekhan is far more preferred by investors. Realization After the research I have concluded that if business provides the better product and schemes not merely high class or higher income group will commit but the middle section income group is also become interested in trading their money in share industry. Only because of one best product and structure if organization launches it’s really a market leader for that and definitely will captures the greater share of market. BIBLIOGRAPHY Books: , Financial Managing Textbook.? Advertising management Book.? Sip present student’s Manual Book. Pamphlets Imprinted by Several Stock Broking Firms. Websites: ,? www. Sharekhan. com? www. MoneyControl. com? www. Kotak. com? www. AnandRathi. com? www. MotilalOswal. com? www. ICICIDirect. com , , , , , , , , I realize objectives of my management thesis. My spouse and i prepared questionnaire to collect major data via customers. My spouse and i used data collection methods like set of questions , interviews. I created collected data using exceed sheet. I analyzed gathered data using various equipment , visual way. My spouse and i draw bottom line from accumulated data , make statement on it. Pune

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