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This kind of assignment is named Play activity. It is really worth 30% in the overall level of the module Early The child years Education. Included in the assessment standards of this assignment I must result in a play activity to a group o children aged between 0-6 years. WORK PLACE Plus starting to work in Creche Back button in Donnybrook area as two weeks ago (as a complete time).

I have been in a free trial offer, then part-time till they decided I could start full-time. I work in Baby room. There are five children at the moment.

I love children and I just like being around them. I haven’t worked prior to with infants, so it was a challenge and a big responsibility for me and I was very happy for the possibility given to me. Despite the fact I had fashioned no experience to work with infants, I learnt lots of things in a short period of your time and I can say I still have to learn few more. It is just a small yet spacious, yet friendly and brightly creche.

It is a complete day care support from six: 30 right up until 6: 00. They have a Baby room, Wobblers room, Child room and Montessori room. The Baby area has also a cot room with some beds. This can be a lovely area plenty of toys and literature (for babies). The creche has also a changing area, an office, a kitchen and a large outdoor garden.

They give breakfast and hot healthy meals. All of their staff (six persons) are full educated and experienced. They are Garda vetted and First aid skilled. They use the Montessori and Highscope techniques of play and education.

They have a secure access, outdoor basic safety surface, wheel chair accessible, daily log kept for parents. When father and mother come to get their children they must say a password or if that they send someone else to pick up their child, they must call before then to say a password as well.

DUTIES 2. Sign your children in and out * Keep daily record of each and every child (record book) * Parents register and away * Changing nappies 5. Feeding kids * Playing with them ( sponge painting, hand produce, activity fitness center, ball enjoy, pulling objects, mirror enjoy, face manifestation, different kind of music, unpleasant play, etc) * Bring them to sleep region * Verify then from tem to ten moments * Publish every day on a Care of Linen the quantity and the hours they had their containers of milk, solids, how many time nappies had been changed, * Write down for the Cot Sheet that you validated the children and they were safe at that moment * Answer the telephone. * Flying and mop every day the space * Fill in an accident report * Talk with parents regarding day’s activity * Medical consent and administration kind for medications given to kids must be completed by the administrator, parent, staff and experience. * Take those temperature of kids that seem to be sick checking out from 15 to 15 a few minutes and right down on the medicine book; in the event the temperature can be high all of us call the fogeys * Validate every morning and afternoon the temp from refrigerator * Float and mop all the creche one day per week (when my personal turn comes) PERSONAL PROFILE My name is Mihaela Serea. I’m from Romania and I arrived Ireland in 2008.

I have already been starting to are a child minder for two families. I watched over a child of four years old and one of 3 years old. The second family just moved in UK two months ago, so I made a decision to start Fetac Level 5 in Childcare. In Romania I traveled to College to get a period of 4 years Teachers of Letters, profile Romanian-English.

During the school I finished the training for the Department training in primary/secondary school. Following your college I have done a master degree in Business Management for one 12 months and half. During my Master degree I had the opportunity to work in a kindergarten. I was scared of taking care of small kids, but it was a really enjoyable experience and i also enjoyed it a lot.

A few other courses completed: when I is at secondary university, I decided to complete some classes within the area of computers. What I want to accomplish from this component Early The child years Education? This can be a crucial amount of children at this young age, so I need to explore every aspect of a kid development, from safety and psychology to physical, cognitive and emotional development.

I want to help children to gain self confidence in each day tasks, to ensure the perform is contouring to official health and protection standards. It is just a period once walking, chatting, vision of the world and ethical foundations are established. The early years of existence are critical to the development of intelligence, character and social behavior. I would really prefer to learn about children requires and interests. My one of a kind selling points I enjoy educating, but in Romanian language because it will be simple to express me.

In British I loose myself, We forget the phrases, I add t know anymore the things i want to express, it t difficult, since in school all of us don’t connect enough, we all just learn how to read, to create, grammar, physical exercises. When I was obviously a child I actually dreamed to become a teacher. My story catalogs have signifies on. I like painting, vocal, computers, I love to be informed. Eventually I believe I will have my very own business a creche.

However of all I must work in a creche for further years to obtain more experience also to find out everything I need to learn about. I like kids very much, We are a good director and I think it will be good money too, if I supply a good services. Title of play activity: Autumn leaves Aim Slide is a great the perfect time to teach children about leaves.

I want to find out them through play and exploration of the nature and to get involved with it. Collecting different leaves they study different colors, designs and buildings. Another target is to develop children’s creativeness by combining colors, employed in groups. Appointment with my personal supervisor After i take a selection of children out I have to keep in mind their safety: planning, permission, supervision, transportation.

In my case, I go into a park only near by our location using a group of pre school children. My spouse and i spoke with my boss to give agreement and a letter should be sent to all the parents/guardians of the children. Co-operation with people is essential to guarantee the welfare from the children. The supervisor informed me it h not necessary a transport, because it is just two minutes aside. We do not require packed foods, only some bottles of water, damaged tissues, spare garments, small first aid kit, a charged mobile phone and unexpected emergency contact numbers, making sure the service’s insurance policy involves adequate cover for outings.

I have to take care of overall health, safety and hygiene of kids maintaining a high standard of care which in turn promotes the development of the children. Children should be superbly dressed to get the trip in cloths which protect against the weather. Children should not put on their best cloths. Children’s apparel needs to provide freedom of movement so that they can make the most of all the options offered around the outing.

My spouse and i remembered to children about road basic safety. Always we cross the road at safe points such as traffic lighting. I examined the place before hand to be sure in the facilities that are available and the area that may be a hazard to children. Benefits of my personal chosen motif: A study of leaves/ fall opens up choices for learning in many content material areas.

Terminology Arts, Math, Science, Interpersonal Studies, and Art almost all contribute to a unit on leaves. If there is usage of a playground or recreation space, the children can go on a leaf gathering walk. When this kind of isn’t feasible, children could be encouraged to gather leaves at home with their families and bring them in to the classroom, or perhaps teachers can provide the leaves. Leaves transform colors, generally from green to crimson, orange, discolored and dark brown.

Leaves can be found on trees, fall for the ground and rake them. Children form the leaves they collected by color, size or perhaps type of tea leaf. Fall is actually a beautiful time of year, when the leaves change color and land from the forest. Besides capturing them up and bagging them, consider putting the fallen leaves to great use. Children collect and turn them in to leaf skill.

The multi-colored leaves help to make beautiful create projects, and the best part is the fact they’re totally free. There are several types of designs you can do from leaves. The sole limit is definitely your creativeness. Going out inside the park that they learn several types of animals. As well children learn about the season ‘autumn”: season from the year between summer and winter, enduring from the fall equinox to the winter solstice and coming from September to December; period of maturity verging on decrease.

Five related themes: 1 . Leaf print 2 . Hedge hogs a few. Colors 5. Collecting leaves 5. Slide leaves Picked activity: I have chosen a skill activity to get completed with a group of 5 kids within a pre-school setting.

Prep: * I will talk with my personal supervisor to be able to inform her about the backdrop of the play activity job * Let me bring a photocopy of my plan about this enjoy activity 2. During the conference I inquire her regarding some suggestions related to the play activity and its educational content * I question my manager if parents will give the permission to consider the children in the park 2. I will ask my supervisor about a ideal time and location to complete the perform activity and what I might need to get. * I wil try to work out how long it might take to total this activity * Let me create a tips in order to ensure that all vital supplies are present during the perform * Products needed to total the skills demo will be: containers to collect the leaves, stuff, white paperwork, small and big paintbrushes, water based chemicals, paper china, paper tissue, wet wipes, and aprons. The color used will probably be non toxic.

Implementation: Firstly the activity will probably be safe for the children to attempt. The park was at 5 mins walking away from our location and it was a secure area. I gave these people baskets to get the leaves from the recreation area We spent 2 hours inside the nature Rinse hands Gather materials making use of the checklist as being a guide Define an area allowed by the supervisor Put on the aprons on each of your child My spouse and i give to each child a paint brushes and paper china I confirmed them steps to make the procedure They cleaned up the clutter Evaluation: Within my examination for the FETAC component: Early The child years Education, I must complete a single play activity within a work place setting.

I actually tried to stick to step by step the plan in order to finish the Enjoy Activity ‘Autumn leaves”. I actually spent almost two hours in the playground with children, and then all of us came back. 1 ) How the expertise demonstration gone from the viewpoint 1 ) In my opinion anything went very well and I really was happy that we succeeded to complete that.

The children allowed me to a lot since they followed my spoken instructions. Just before we have attended the recreation area, I offered them wooden baskets to gather the leaves. I offered all the supplies they had to deal with pertaining to printing leaves on the documents.

First of all I showed them how to undertake it. I required one of my leaves, I actually painted that and I place the painted part on the piece of daily news and softly press it with my personal hands. After few seconds, We lifted the leaf. They will could choose small/big styling brushes and colors to use. I could see they attempted to make the procedure very well exactly as I revealed it to them.

TC1 and TC3 showed a huge concentration. Regardless of the fact that CT2 desired to work on his own, he mixed the colors very nice. 2 . How the skills went demonstration went in the child’s standpoint The Enjoy Activity ended very well, every children have already been happy of the creations. My spouse and i put on their particular creations their very own names and i also hanged them on a wire. They applauded/clapped their hands and had big smiles issues faces.

That they showed a whole lot of attentiveness when they begun to paint. a few. The last part of the evaluation is really the development of kids through this play activity as subsequent: P. My spouse and i. L. At the. S Physical Development: This is developed the moment all the children collected leaves from the ground then when they branded the leaves on the documents. In the park they accumulated leaves utilizing their fingers (fine motor skills). They transferred from an area to another, getting and running around developing all their gross electric motor skills. (Large muscles: hip and legs, body movements).

They organised the paint brushes (fine motor unit skills) to print the leaves. Mental: They measured how a large number of leaves that were there at the end plus they sorted the leaves based on colors and sizes (Logical/math). They compared their leaves to see that has the largest a single (Concentration).

Through art they will developed all their creativity and expression with their art after they put styles of leaves on papers. Children love to find interesting shaped leaves. T. C 4 remembered some labels of the forest they learned in the classroom (memory). T. C 1 pretended he is the kid of the jungle, Mowgly (imagination). T. C3 stick two papers side-by-side to make a larger collage of leaves imprinted and Big t. C4 blended the colors of the leaves on the paper. (creativity).

TC4 pretended he is a rabbit inside the forest, thus he started to jump just like a rabbit. (imagination). Language: This was developed once children realized my verbal instructions relevant to leaves (collecting them, keeping track of them, make comparisons, painting the leaves then stick them for few seconds around the papers, etc). They learned new phrases related to and animals forest like maple, oak, squirrels, etc Mental: This was produced when Capital t. C1 portrayed his happiness about obtaining he discovered the largest leaf. T. C2 started to sing a tune we have discovered in the school.

T. C4 started to weep because he declines down on the floor. TC3 was angry because TC1 pressed him on a side just to take his leaf this individual found on the surface. They produced feelings connected with winning and losing. Social: This was designed when I helped bring them collectively in the playground, in the nature.

T. C1 was having fun with the others. Capital t. C3 accumulated leaves with T. C4. (team function, the ability to operate groups, conversation with the others). When we had been in the classroom I put them to work in pairs of two. (they discovered to share the apparatus, be patient, cleanup the mess). Howard Gardner Kinesthetic: CT4 jumping just like a rabbit, therefore he designed his gross muscles (legs). They played together, running.

CT3 is incredibly good at build, he was carrying out a great job adhering two paperwork side by side, and making a greater collage of various colors, shapes of leafs published. Naturalist: CT2 was good at realizing the squirrels. They liked being in nature, going through the nature, collecting leaves. CT1 recognized a lot of flowers.

Sociable: CT3 are most often a a natural leader enjoy teaching the others how to paint the leaf and after that to stick these people on the newspaper. I noticed CT3 is a shut friend to CT4. Intrapersonal: When I push them to operate groups of two, CT2 responded to me that he favors working only. He showed a strong feeling of self-reliance in the area as well collecting the leaves on his own. (He does a amazing job on his own).

Recommendations for modify: I propose for time when we go into a trip, we should select a larger place with more attractive/educational spots for the children to see and we should take even more children and more staff. It can be more fun. Influence on children: Children enjoyed going exploring the naturel, collecting the leaves. They deal with shapes, colors, how they look mixed. They cherished to use colours to color the leaves and they seemed very lovers about their function.

At the end on the project these people were proud of all their work. They learned to work in organizations. Painting provides them a chance to share their very own equipment, to wash up their mess. That they learned to become patient, they will learned fresh words.

Personal learning: * I discovered to develop a play activity in a pre-school setting * I learnt to apply theory to practice * I superior to get in touch with my boss and ask intended for advice relating to my prepare activity.

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