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Indeed, the existence of both realistic and imaginary elements in the novel was a strategy knowingly made to make young adults enjoy “Harry Potter” fantasy, as well as, have the adults achieve a better imagination expansion, thereby producing the book also one of high dream literature. Resulting in the characters inside the image of human beings, and even the inclusion in the mortal globe in the new, are ideal attempts to help make the novel even more relevant, if not absolutely fantastical, to adult people’s lives, views and awareness of reality. Thus, in “Harry Knitter, ” the genre an excellent source of fantasy is maintained through this strategy.

Simmons and Evely (2006) labeled “Harry Potter and the Step of Secrets, ” and the other Harry Potter novels as types of ‘magical realism’ novels. This, they presumed, was the most suitable term to define the type of fantasy handled and illustrated in the book, since the authors took into account the “adult elements” which might be relevant to, and oftentimes aimed towards at, the adults. In their analysis, excessive fantasy was substituted by magical realistic look, for substantial fantasy needs the individual to seek greater imagination development devoid of one’s understanding of the existence of a persons world. This was not the case inside the Harry Potter novels, for this reason they regarded it necessary to opt for the “magical realism” idea instead, to make the assessment more realistic and true to the present nature of the fantasy-reading adult segment available in the market today.

Beneath the concept of mysterious realism, “the fairytale genre is prolonged to create a crossbreed of the genuine and the great. It is a genre that deals in increased reality, or an additional aspect of actuality conveyed through a symbolic or metaphoric framework. This provides a new perception, that way of a kid looking at the earth for the first time” (78). Certainly, similarities in objects and concepts involving the magical plus the Muggle world in “Harry Potter” pertain to this kind of realistic-fantastical combine that is common in large fantasy fictional works. Moreover, the inclusion of magical elements such as the display of extranatural powers in the wizards and witches inside the novel is an example of just how, inasmuch because they are similar to humans, they also greatly differ from these people by virtue of all their powers by itself. This getting the reality inside the “Harry Potter” novel, the adult visitor learns to compromise among these two facts: that there are factors similar involving the human and magical globe, while the latter is able to maintain its identity due to what it offers over the additional (human world) – extranatural magical powers.


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