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Sexy photos of teen models are refined in magazines and also you fell that these photos have a negative influence. Write a page to the publisher describing the specific situation and recommending what the mass media, teenagers and oldsters can perform about it. Dear Editor, It is brought to the limelight that sexy photography of young models has become prevalent recently.

Stakeholders by different walks of life have numerous perceptions regarding this issue. As being a major stakeholder myself, a teenager, I would like to voice my opinion towards this hot topic.

Seeing alluring photos of teen types on publications is no longer a new thing to Hong Kong individuals. The breakthrough of teenager model was fostered under the opening mentality of HonkKongers. I cannot deny the hard fact that teen unit is the outcome of the enhancements made on citizens’ attitude and people are not able to exploit the existence of a certain sector, in this case the teen model sector, but my stance point is that the frequency has gone past an acceptable limit. What I mean simply by “the frequency has gone also far” is the fact provocative photographs of young models began to appear in places that they are not really suppose to become.

A case in point may be the “intrusion” of teen style in the annual book fair. This sparked intense conversation and controversy while I decided to take the stance tallying that it produce negative trend to the practice. On a macro view, not merely has the frequency of teenage model and their provocative images create bad rend towards the book reasonable practice, although also asked detrimental imparts to the community as whole. In the first place, the popularization of teen models sexy photographs promotes porn material as well as inappropriate-open minds to sex in teenagers.

Over time, it can make up various significant problems, just like teen pregnancy, teen child killingilligal baby killing and paid for dating etc . As Juveniles are the foreseeable future pillars with the society, all of us cannot be sure to let them go down the wrong path. Secondly, it also worsens the reputation of some related market such as the vogue and model industry in Hong Kong. Foreign industries may deem those of Hong Kong is definitely low-profile and end up steer clear of cooperating or perhaps collaborating with Hong Kongs fashion workers. Consequently, Hong Kong may suffer a loss in foreign shareholders in this discipline.

Before the bad influences have hot any further, mass media, teenagers and oldsters should set their heads together to cope with this situation and procrastination Mass media clearly has the responsibility to prevent this situation. It should promote healthier image of types and steering clear of publishing provocative photos of models taking into consideration the audience with their products. Regarding teenagers, since they are easily impacted by things and folks around, it is very important for them to figure out how to distinguish between right and incorrect, so as to be sure they may receive any kind of nappropriate data.

Parents likewise play a vital role in adolescences’ life specially when they struck puberty. They can be at also tender an age to recognize inappropriate messages on their own. Therefore , they need parental guidance. Parents are thus incumbent in leading their children through this challenging period devoid of letting them land prey to obscene data. Problems cannot be solved devoid of concrete initiatives. I hope the present situation could be changed and wish the media and all teenagers healthful developments.

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