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Comfort Zone

Comfortableness zone is a living, doing work, and social environments that individuals are comfortable in as it contains a place of convinced that is simply convenient. In order to get from the comfort zone, a person must put himself or their self out there and open their mind into a new knowledge. For my own comfort zone experience, I joined an open Alcoholic’s Anonymous appointment. On March 11th, 2016 I went to the “No One Left Behind” appointment at the Veteran’s Hospital.

Before going to the conference, I really had no idea what to expect. Therefore , We went into the meeting with a completely open mind and cardiovascular. When I showed up, I told the small group that I was obviously a student and that I was right here to listen to their particular stories. Even though I believed uncomfortable to start with, they all produced an effort for making me feel at ease and that they desired to share with myself their personal experiences. In the one hour We spent with the people who were plagued with this unpleasant disease, We learned a whole lot about how they are really perceived in society along with how culture influences their very own alcoholism. After the meeting, My spouse and i stayed to get a little while and talked for some of the persons. They were and so open and so they wanted me personally to learn a lesson from this experience, the one which shows there are other parts of school besides liquor. While I went into the appointment feeling very uncomfortable and misplaced, they recognized me like a listener and allowed myself to listen to extremely personal stories, and by the finish I sensed comfortable asking questions and learning from the 12 those who were experiencing alcoholism.

This encounter affected my own perceptions of vulnerable populations by opening my eyes to how people who have alcoholism cope with having to experience a disease in the current society. It is quite easy to ignore how a great “alcoholic” is actually a person, an individual with true thoughts and feelings. Persons suffering with addiction to alcohol are separate of the prone population as they are usually within a constant condition of changed mind, and they do not have power over their own life. Attending an Alcoholics Unknown made me recognize that there is much more to someone’s story then simply just becoming addicted to alcoholic beverages, and that I can become a friend just by exhibiting them that I want to be right now there for them which I am not judging them for his or her addiction.

I i am a white-colored, female student that grew up with a solid family structure and has had chances that many people will not have due to certain characteristics. I have privilege in my life, and even though it is not anything I can control, it is something which I can use to help additional populations which often not have similar privilege. This being said, I do not have privilege in each and every part of living. I were raised in a family members plagued with alcoholism, and it is also a component to who My spouse and i am and my technique of thought. These social identities both are aside of my intersectionality, which usually had a big impact on my own experience. I had been able to look at this situation coming from two points of views, one exactly where I realized that my privilege has to some extent protected me personally from getting vulnerable to alcohol dependency and the different where I realize that privilege does not totally protect somebody from getting addicted to prescription drugs or alcoholic beverages. I i am privileged not to be addicted to liquor, and this influenced my knowledge because I was the only one in the room that was not in a express of dependency on alcohol. This privilege put a barrier in between us, even though I can pay attention and learn using their stories, I will never find out exactly how that they feel. People who have alcoholism suffer from their disease each and every day of their life, which will puts them at a large number of disadvantages and in the bottom tier of culture.

The principal thing that we experienced that will aid a difference in how I see myself in the future is my own level of sympathy towards this population. You can easily be angry with people affected by alcoholism because their life is controlled by simply alcohol, causing them to do something outside of societal norms. Yet , this experience showed myself that I cannot be angry with them intended for something they can not control. I actually do not want in order to feel sorry with this population, I have to feel with them. I have to help them arrive at a place where they can totally free their mind, spirit, and body. My personal empathy level increased dramatically while I i visited the appointment because I realized that these individuals want or need help. In the future, I would like to be able to have got a different notion of people struggling with alcoholism and i believe that going to an SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE meeting can be described as step to better empathy skills for all those vulnerable masse.

This kind of experience offers completely affected my upcoming actions and behaviors by simply showing myself how to better interact with prone populations. Prior to attending the AA meeting, it was super easy for me to look at people with dependency on alcohol and pity them, great I know they do not want pity, they merely want support and for someone to listen to all their story. can easily validate all their feelings and act as helpful information in the right direction. The individuals that I spoke to have reports plagued with disparity, nonetheless they want to talk about their testimonies because that they wanted me to learn off their experiences. I have to be a cultural worker while i am more mature, preferably doing work in the medical setting. It truly is imperative for the social worker to understand how a person’s privilege and intersectionality can affect who they are because moment, and this experience features helped me to build up a new view on weak populations. Simply by going to a great Alcoholics Confidential meeting, My spouse and i learned essential tools that we will need to be a prosperous social employee. In the future, Let me not look down upon these people, but instead look with them toward a new beginning.

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