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Robert Warren once discussed the challenging necessity of self knowledge. What actually does this indicate? What does it mean to learn ourselves? And does it really subject if we stay true to ourselves. In the account The Patented Gate and the Mean Hamburger simply by Robert Warren, Jeff You are able to is a industrious farmer who may have to choose between keeping his farmville farm or purchasing the inn that his better half wants. This individual finally selects to sell his farm and buy the resort. Sadly, he kills him self shortly after. Jeff York was a person who knew his place in society, where he came from, and the achievements hes made in his life. Yet , because he fails to stay faithful to himself ultimately, he provides out on his dreams fantastic life.

Jeff York was obviously a man who a strong identification, he understood what his place was at society and where he came from. When the You are able to family was at town, Shaun York was standing on the corner with all the different old maqui berry farmers not as they had to however according to the tale, because his father had stood using their fathers fantastic grandfathers with the grandfathers, or with guys like their very own fathers This individual accepted his place in the location and in society, and it had been comfortable pertaining to him to stand while using other aged farmers just like his ancestors had carried out before him. Jeff York was from a tradition of hardworking people that had to continue to work hard just to make it through, and he knew the curse that followed all of them They just knew the life span they knew, and that existence did not belong to the fat lower part lands, the place that the cane was head-tall Therefore they approved those spots by and hunted intended for the place that has been like residence and in which they can pick up this life, with all the same feel in the bone fragments

Shaun York was quite mindful of the successes he made during his lifestyle, and correctly had wonderful pride in them. Because Jeff stood with the older sharecroppers on the corner, something made him different, he previously broken the cycle of sharecropping together gotten his own place. It had used him more than thirty years to accomplish, from the time when he was nothing but a big boy until he was forty five. It had considered him via sun to sun, year in and year out, and all the sweat in his body, and the power of being rejected he could muster¦

The work this individual put in to the place was another testament to his guts when he bought the place, it was not very good. The land was run-down coming from years of forget and mistreatment. But Jeff York place brush in the gullies to stop the rinse and selected and planted clover on the run-down areas. He mended the fences, rod simply by rod. This individual patched the roof on the very little house and propped in the porch, buying the lumber and shingles practically piece simply by piece The last step in recognizing his desire was when he put up his patented gateway. The gateway was the seal Jeff You are able to had placed on all the years of sweat and rejection. This individual could lay on his veranda on a Sunday afternoon in summer, prior to milking period, and look throughout the rise, down the winding dirt and grime track, towards the white gate beyond the clover, and know what this individual needed to find out about all the years passed.

Unfortunately, Jeff York betrays him self and his dreams when he offers his residence to buy the Dew Drop Inn. Jeff York was obviously a good person and he cared for his wife and family. Unwilling to deny his wife her dream of proudly owning the Inn. Jeff You are able to decides to offer his home and land. This was simply no easy decision for a guy who has been through so much and worked extremely hard for almost everything he has. The banker in the story tells of Jeffs reaction if he offers to acquire his house from him. I think he hadnt even noticed me. He looked like he was half in bed or anything. Jeff York takes the offer and in doing so betrays himself. He not only markets his house but he also markets his dreams, his legacy and his lifestyle.

Jeff York was a great man who knew his heritage, and accepted his place in society. He worked well hard to higher himself and he had a lot to be proud of. But when he fails to stay true to him self in the end this costs the great man everything. Robert Warren was correct when he brought up the hard necessity of personal knowledge. Once we get outdated and gray and were seeking back about our lives, weather or certainly not we slept true to themselves through heavy and slender will be one of many only issues that will actually matter. Since in the end the sole person we need to answer to is usually ourselves.

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