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Kids like to copy their favorite persona. They imagine themselves to be that way person when they get big. Like this, a new boy, the main character of the story, “A Handful of Dates”, by Tayeb Saleh, imagine himself to be just like his grand daddy, when he obtain big. The storyline describes the childhood of a fresh boy, who the things children typically do, go to institution,  attend faith based services, plays outside, and spends period with his favourite family member, his grandfather.

Although the son loves his grandfather and considers him as a great gentleman, the youngster realizes, through his take care of his neighbour Masood,  that he is a greedy man, and doesn’t like him anymore.  Early in the account, the son loves character. The young man loves to head to the mosque just about every morning to master Quran.

This individual also likes to swim in the river and play in the field. The boy says, “The mosque, the lake, and the areas – these were the attractions in our life”(p-1, para-1).

He also says, “…I loved the river too”(p1, para-2). Quite simply, the son love the water as well as his village characteristics.  The son was idealistic about his grandfather and wanted to end up like him.  His relationship along with his grandfather was very close.

The boy says, “I loved to give control to my imagination and film myself a tribe of giants living behind that wood, a people extra tall and slender with light beards and sharp � nous, like my grandfather”(p-1, para-2). In his imagination this individual thinks about his grandfather, and says, ” when I grew to be a guy, tall and slender just like him, jogging along with great strides”(p-1, para-2). He thinks himself to be just like his grandpa when he gets big.

As the storyline begins, the boy updates his grandfather doesn’t just like their neighbor Masood. In a discussion he asked his grandfather that how come he doesn’t like Masood. His grandfather clarified that Masood is sluggish person that’s why he doesn’t like him. “He’s an poumon man and i also don’t like this kind of people”(p-2, para-5).  Moreover, grandpa also declared Masood married more than one period and every time he did marry, he marketed some a part of his home.

” Masood, my young man,  was a much married man. Each time this individual married he sold me a feddan or perhaps two”(p- 3, para-14). The boy was considering and made a calculation that may be Masood married much more than ninety ladies, and then recalled that he had three wives and asking him self many queries. At the end of the story the boy realizes that his grandpa wasn’t that kind of person which this individual thought.  According to the boy’s grandfather, he can buy all the Masood’s property before he dead. Long time back when the grandpa first came in the village he didn’t acquired any house.

Now two third of his property’s owner is grandfather. “…forty in years past all this belonged to Masood, two-thirds of it is now mine”(p-2, para-9). “… I think that before Kristus calls me to Him I shall have bought the third while well”(p-2, para-11). Grandfather likewise said to the boy that he will probably buy Masood’s remaining house before he dies. The boy was thinking of himself that for what reason his grandpa doing that and felt sorry for Masood.

An internal conflict grows when he found his grand daddy is money grubbing,  which this individual should not be as being a Muslim. When the grandfather explained he will buy Masood’s remaining home, the boy was thinking about himself that his grandfather will do what he explained, and believed sorry intended for Masood. “I do not know so why it was I actually felt fear inside my grandfather’s words-and pity to get our neighbors Masood.

Could wished my grand daddy wouldn’t do what however said! ” (p-2, para-12). The young man learn from the Quran that people must be sympathetic to weaker section people of the culture.  Instead of these, his grandfather wants to buy Masood’s leftover property, which shows that this individual not the person he needs to be as a Muslim.  The young man begins to detect Masood at the harvest, and he feels sympathy for him. Masood attracts the young man and his grandfather to harvest date ranges. At the harvesting field the boy observed Masood and thinking what his grandfather said about him.

“I remembered Masood’s comment to me if he had once seen me playing with the subset of a young hands tree: Hands tress, my own boy, just like humans,  experience joy and suffering. And I had felt an back to the inside and unreasoned embarrassment”(p-3, para-19). The boy bear in mind, once he was playing with the palm tree Masood told him that palm trees are like individual, which means Masood loves nature.


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