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One of the main character types of the perform The Crucible, Abigail Williams, is the bad guy of the enjoy, even more than Parris or Danforth. In Act A single her skills at manipulation are very noticeable. John Proctor, who has left her after his partner found out about this sinful affair, “Abby, you’ll put it out of mind. I’ll not be comin’ for you you can forget.  Since she was also dismissed from her job by their house, Abigail becomes increasingly envious of Elizabeth.

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Abigail always has a unique story by what in fact happens and convinces people that her tale is the real truth.

One function that happens that displays this could be when Abigail was in in a bad neighborhood with the ladies dancing and took it to the next level by simply drinking bloodstream and taking off her garments. Before the questioning of what happen in the woods Abigail states “Shut up! Everyone. We danced. That is every, and indicate this, if anyone breathe anything or the advantage of a expression about the other things, I will come to you in the black of some awful night, and I will bring with me a pointy reckoning that will shudder you!  When she is on the brink of getting busted for messing with witchcraft, she skillfully deals with to pin the whole thing on Tituba and many of Salem’s other female.

The terrible thing is the fact Abigail is definitely the one who convinced Tituba get out and solid the means. Ever since Abigail’s affair with John Proctor, she’s recently been out to obtain his wife, Elizabeth. Abigail convinced Tituba to put a curse on Elizabeth, looking to get rid of her and have her place at John’s side. It can ironic that Abigail, who have encouraged the witchcraft in the first place, is the one who goes around accusing everybody else. Abigail’s main skill seems to be finding people’s defects, their disadvantages, and mercilessly manipulating them to her benefit. Act 2

In Action 2, Abigail Williams offers thought more than her encounter with Proctor for seven months. A lot more she thinks about the affair, the more Abigail convinces herself that Proctor loves her but are unable to express his love because of Elizabeth. Abigail continues to think about her memories until they will accurately represent her since the center of Proctor’s existence. Rather than viewing herself being a seventeen year-old who had taken advantage of a man’s isolation and low self-esteem during his wife’s disease, Abigail perceives herself while Proctor’s true love and his only choice for any wife. The girl believes she has only to eliminate Elizabeth in order that she and Proctor may marry and fulfill her fantasy.

Throughout the play Abigail will tell things to people to make them think and get them to believe what she says or perhaps make them perform what she wants those to do. Most of the people look straight down at this top quality but this is the way Abigail gets her approach. Abigail offers manipulated almost everyone in the community with the reports she tells. In the phrases of Abigail she says to the town “I desire the light of God, I want the fairly sweet love of Jesus! I actually danced to get the Devil; I could see him, I actually wrote in his book; I actually go back to Jesus; I hug His hand. I saw Dorothy Good while using Devil! I could see Goody Osburn with the Devil! I saw Bridget Bishop while using Devil The moment Abigail explained this the lady was only trying to get out of abuse, she realized if the girl confessed of accomplishing the devils work and state your woman wanted God she didn’t be recharged as a witch.

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