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Habit and Restoration: The case intended for subjective accounts – Larkin Griffiths

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The Wounded Healer: A phenomenological investigation with the recovering substance abuse counselor – Ham

This post sought to provide an understanding with the interconnections between self, identification and habit through the use of qualitative methods. The authors believe in order to genuinely understand the method and experience of addiction, you ought to incorporate subjective experiences in to the research process that allow for the inquiry in to the lived experience, feelings, and concepts of self and identity while displayed simply by individuals handling addiction. The authors used Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) to analyze observational data that was collected in a residential treatment facility. Traditionally IPA has been used with interview data, as well as the authors searched for to extend the usefulness of the methodology to observational info. The observational data was collected by the first author of the daily news, who seated in about group therapy sessions, staff consultations, and other day-to-day actions and actions at a residential addiction treatment facility. IPA allowed the authors to make a thematic evaluation of the individual experience of the sufferers receiving addictions treatment at the facility. Primary was how the people viewed themselves and their very own sense of self and identity regarding their experiences addiction as well as the process of restoration.

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This article wanted to develop a deeper comprehension of the were living experiences of substance abuse counselors who are themselves restoration addicts. To accomplish this, the author explored specific constructs that were strongly related the lives of restoration counselors, such as self-disclosure to clients, countertransference, the part of spirituality and the meaning behind becoming an addict and a counselor. The authors argued which a qualitative method was appropriate given their aim of setting up a deeper comprehension of the meaning in being a recovery addict that is also a great addictions counselor, and how the counselors perceive this issue and their own personal encounters within the framework of aiding others. The key focus on a search for meaning and understanding led the writer to choose a phenomenological way of the study. The research gathered info by using selection interviews with addictions counselors who had been also recovering addicts. The phenomenological strategy was

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