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Critical Thinking Case Study

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Trust Community Clinic is a not-for-profit health care services organization that is certainly currently facing a situation, which might compel this to resort to stringent cost cutting measures just to break even, and that as well providing the typical reimbursement charge does not transform. Financial challenges, however , are just one of the a number of problems that Hope Community Medical center must solve in order for the organization to maintain and additional build its reputation like a quality medical services supplier. In brief, a number of the other essential issues that the hospital needs to address are the turmoil between the company spiritual traditions and ideals and the values of the medical profession; noncompliance with government, managed care, and insurance regulations; and non-adherence to hospital operational policies. Indeed, it is obvious from the previous list of issues that Faith Community Hospital posseses an organizational management problem about its hands, which needs to be thoroughly assessed rather than make an attempt to solve the various problems piecemeal.

Identifying the main element Issues: However are several, despropósito issues stated in the CEO’s brief to Chris Johnson, a closer evaluation reveals that Faith Community Hospital’s challenges can be categorized as related to the organizational mission; organizational culture; and organizational procedures. This summary can be reached making use of the affinity plan as a problem solver tool. The affinity plan was picked for the purposes with this analysis mainly because it allows for uncertain facts and thoughts to be organized; for ideas that need clarification; as well as for achieving oneness within a staff (SkyMark, 2003) or corporation. The problems and issues that had been uncovered by affinity picture (refer Appendix 1) will be discussed in greater detail in the pursuing section of this paper. The affinity models have been compiled using inferences from the CEO’s briefing to Chris Jones, and by making use of the need for Trust Community Hospital to enhance their reputation being a quality healthcare services business as the main element issue which should be addressed.

Organizational Mission, Culture and Techniques: The quest statement takes on a critical role in setting direction and laying the building blocks for the culture and goals of any organization. Indeed, this is clearly portrayed in Hyrum Smith’s model of instructive goal setting, which is frequently referred to as Smith’s “Success Triangle. ” It places a great organization’s governing values on the base with the goal setting procedure and advises that goals must be connected to specific regulating values to become meaningful and help the organization achieve the mission (Parker, 2003). The mission affirmation of Faith Community Hospital seems to adhere to the strategic guidelines inherent in Smith’s “Success Triangle” towards the extent it clearly stresses the company commitment to promoting the and health and wellness of the people in the neighborhoods it will serve, using its psychic heritage and values because the foundation. Nevertheless , since religious values can vary vastly throughout religions and individual values, Faith’s objective statement has resulted in broad person interpretations which have, in turn, led to an company culture, that enables too much freedom for individual decision-making. This is evident in the anecdotal instances cited by CEO of doctors on their own deciding to either take care of patients pro bono or insisting on insurance policy prior to start of treatment; the druggist filling medications for uninsured patients; as well as the inconsistency in adhering to clinic policy in areas including ‘Do Not really Resuscitate’ (DNR) decisions. Implied in the previous examples is also the fact that the broad model of the company mission assertion with its following culture features further led to ineffective organizational policies and processes, leading to conflicts together with the ethical/legal requirements of the medical profession, and organizational failure to manage its financials well. Thus, it really is evident that the root cause root Faith Community Hospital’s complications in the area of moral standards, organizational processes; economical costs; and patient security / wellbeing lies in the perhaps past due emphasis positioned on the psychic heritage and values in the organization in the mission assertion. Indeed, the far-reaching affect of the organization’s emphasis on religious values is usually evident in the Fishbone Diagram in Appendix two, which uses the key issues thrown in the Affinity Diagram to show the ultimate effect of Faith Community Hospital’s current situation.

Company Goals: Although the mission declaration of Faith Community Hospital implies a broad target of promoting the health and well-being with the people that serves

Excerpt via Case Study:

Critical Thinking Case Study

Faith Community Clinic is a not-for-profit hospital and has a mission statement which is interpreted by simply everyone the fact that want to interpret it. Their mission statement compels them to offer health care services and work towards better into the well-being with the people who participate in the communities that Hope Community Medical center serves. It further involves that they are to provide these providers in collaboration with other folks who talk about this prevalent vision. Sadly the only common vision kept amongst the stakeholders at the Beliefs Community Hospital’s board is that this hospital will need to survive but not be shutdown. The ground realities however happen to be pushing the hospital towards an inactive end exactly where it will have no option but to shutdown by itself, thus bringing an end towards the health care solutions provided to folks. This is demonstrating to be frustrating for Dab, the Chief Professional Officer (CEO) of the community hospital.

The first trouble as related by the CEO is the bad impression and views that the print mass media is showing to the masses. The planning in the newspapers being known by the CEO points out to the people that numerous fatalities occur due to the medical problems and its amounts as many as 100, 000 fatalities in the hospitals each year. Print media, or any type of media has great influences on the world and many acknowledge its phrase without looking to get a sight into actuality. It has offered its look at very generally and given the impression to people that hospitals make such medical errors and cause the death of various patients. The masses tend not to bother to carry out a research on what hospitals cause such medical errors or what was the cause of these medical errors. They just acknowledge what the media present and so it is very important for any organization to get a positive review of their services in the multimedia. Unfortunately the media below has labeled all clinics to be ineffective in what they are doing thus creating a problem pertaining to the CEO and his attempts to push Trust Community Hospital on the path to achievement. This took place due to the fact that the negative sights expressed by the print press have lowered the patient yield at Beliefs Community Clinic. Reduced patient turn up means a decline in the earnings of the medical center which is consequently causing a healthcare facility to go in to loss due to decreased insight and increased output. The outcome here could be the fixed costs of the clinic that is still unaltered regardless of number of sufferers the hospital is usually attending to. Hence if the volume of earnings generated through the patients declines below the fixed costs, then it would in order to be a difficulty to run the hospital. Keeping in mind the fact that hospital is definitely not for making profits but just like the CEO stated his matter, the hospital does need to settle payments in order to make it through and provide the community with health care solutions like their mission affirmation asks them to do.

An interesting situation develops when the clinic encounters a patient who are unable to financially find the money for his treatment. Different sights exist through the hospital in how to respond to this sort of a patient and lots of doctors and healthcare companies are providing their providers for free. The CEO identifies a case in which the pharmacist is accepting obligations in obligations. These people happen to be acting this way because of their values that they have to do anything and everything that they can to help different human beings. This kind of actions may have devastating results on the wellness of the hospital and there are others who do realize this kind of and as a result do not provide any service to the individual until their insurance coverage is usually verified and checked. They are the two tight extremes of actions being experienced by hospital. Several feel that it truly is their spiritual and ethical duty to assist others whether they can pay or perhaps not and more feel that it is essential for the hospital to survive in order that it can continue providing health care to the people in the communities that serves. However such a harsh action by the folks who refuse to provide unless insurance plan is presented will have adverse impact on the people in addition to the media. In case the media in that case paints an image and reveals it towards the world, Beliefs Community Clinic would turn into target to strict critique and hence turn into unpopular. People will also usually think that it is an organization that seeks to work to gain profit and it is not living by it is mission assertion. This every would soon add up to a further drop in the patient population and increasing the speed on the highway to devastation. The CEO also expresses his matter about the inexperienced occupants in the medical center and gives one of a citizen who is seeking an study of the terminally ill which can be of not any importance whatsoever.

A further issue faced by Faith Community Hospital is that many individuals feel that particular medical solutions go against their particular beliefs and ethics. When it is the people who are will to accept medical companies, some staff members refuse to offer certain services as they think it to be against all their beliefs and morals. It has led a healthcare facility in trouble together with the Child Protecting Services which can be planning to record charges against the hospital for lack of providing services. Various voice their very own opinion pertaining to the “right to die” while others take it being contrary to their very own religious procession. People are working on their free of charge will and some acted around the “Do Certainly not Resuscitate” connaissance even when the order did not exist and some failed to act upon it if the orders had been in effect. This puts a healthcare facility in an uncomfortable situation exactly where it seems to obtain no control on the action of its staff members and everyone seems to be carrying out what they feel is right rather than working in this sort of a way which in turn would ensure the endurance of the clinic which in turn would be able to provide health care services to the people as long as this exists.

The condition with Faith Community Hospital is that individuals are acting on their own without paying awareness of the administration and the orders by the administration. They are operating not like a whole body tend to be working in different parts. Some are undertaking one thing while the others are doing the complete reverse. To these people things are either black or perhaps white plus the do not realize that between grayscale white is available grey. Due to their personal interpretations of the mission statement employees members reject the model by the management of the hospital and are not working together being a system. Differing religious belief or differing inclinations to religious values are creating more concerns for a healthcare facility and people imagine they can merely reject a medical services because all their religion forces them to do it and other staff members feel that they will refuse a specific medical support which is contrary to the spirit with their religious beliefs. This is causing the hospital to travel in loss and ultimate shutdown therefore bringing an end to all the medical companies that it can offer to any person. What Trust Community Hospital needs to perform is take action and act upon it to assure its endurance in order to expand any health care services to folks.


It is crucial that Trust Community Hospital survives and does not die away. If it will die away then there will be no medical services provided to anyone and it is essential for the staff users to realize this kind of fact. To start with the hospital should formulate an effective interpretation of the mission statement that does not contradict the “not for earnings organization” code but yet does not put persons in a position wherever they can produce their own interpretations thus harmful to the lifestyle of the hospital. This is really important because the majority of the problems being faced by the hospital are due to the reason that every solitary person engaged is formulating their own personal interpretation and acting upon it. This reduces unity in the initially aim of the board associates and stake holders which can be the success of the medical center. Naturally if the hospital survives only then simply any medical service can be provided. Hence the first aim is the survival of the clinic and thus to make sure it does make it through, a proper model should be formulated and all the members taking part in the hospital needs to be made mindful of this interpretation. The next step which the management is going to take is creating policies and regulations. Procedures should be generated for the betterment of the people and the debate of euthanasia and whether it should be applied or not should be in accordance to whether the govt declares it to be legal or

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