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In Alan Lightman’s Progress; the article writer believes the general idea about progression in technology being the measuring size for society’s progress is actually a logical argument; the two suggestions mentioned with this paragraph condition Lightman’s home contradictory, but relative and valid points. In the next paragraph Lightman states, “If progress can be human happiness, has anyone displayed that Twentieth- century individuals are happier than Nineteenth-century persons? ” Alan Lightman makes it clear that technological advancements are not a genuine indicator of society’s improvement.

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He ideas that a better indicator can be “human happiness”. I agree while using writer since happiness in my experience is the actual measuring level of improvement.

Technology continues to be evolving since that time man developed the steering wheel. In any provided era or perhaps time in history the technology or skills has always been in the highest level; it is only afterwards in history that makes technology of the past seem old or “out-dated”. Twenty-five years coming from now today’s technology will seem obsolete, despite the fact that at this present time is it doesn’t finest man can take care of.

Lightman’s second thought comes close to contradicting himself, however it still makes a valid stage. The article writer states, “Only a deceive would claim that new technology almost never improves the quality of life”. Lightman challenges his earlier assertion by demonstrating that technology enhances the quality of existence. This is a “slight” contradiction because if perhaps technology “improves the quality of life”, it helps with human delight.

It indicates that humans want when the standard of living is large. Indirectly, the writer points out that improvement in technology helps make persons happy. We disagree with this because a superior quality lifestyle is not the sole reason why folks are happy. Persons find joy in non-covetous things such as faith, family, browsing, nature etc. Lightman’s contradictory ideas construct a perfect system for an obscured that means of progress. In conclusion, you cannot find any specific dimensions (indicator) to get progress, as the two problems mentioned suggest. Progress can not be specifically defined. The ideas also demonstrate confusion where the writer is definitely himself in. As Einstein himself said, “It is now appallingly clear that our technology has surpass our humankind. “


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