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Supply chain management is not only a fact of life in Amazon. Business executives recognize that supply chain management is in fact crucial to the success of Amazon now and in the near future (Wheatley, 2000). Within five years of starting its doors to the general public Amazon been successful in tempting more than twenty million clients, located in much more than 150 countries around the world (Wheatley, 2000).

Strangely enough despite their economic gains Amazon has also realized multiple losses. These types of losses have resulted in stock price declines during the early on quarters of 2000 (Wheatley, 2000). Why the transform? Costs within an e-commerce business are often fixed. Amazon, since it is a Web-affiliated business generally must cope with many substantial fixed costs. Fortunately the best way to overcome this kind of obstacle through selling whenever you can, or simply by increasing volume level (Wheatley, 2000). Amazon has been doing this successfully, expanding their product base to include almost every product beneath the sun. As the company first started out simply by focusing on literature, today Amazon . com offers a lot more than 18 mil different products to buyers (Wheatley, 2000).

To help reduce fixed costs Amazon has opened multiple distribution centers across the country and globe. The distribution centers at the moment rely mostly on automated processes to satisfy orders. Amazon online has also extended internationally by investing in integrated strategies solutions and software programs that can help improve supplier lead occasions and address varying vehicles from circulation centers in multiple spots (Wheatley, 2000).


Supply chain administration is a vital component of any kind of organization’s procedures. It’s not enough for a company to simply help to make a product and give it into a customer. A firm has to do so in the most effective manner conceivable, meeting most customer requires, wants and expectations. The moment done properly, supply cycle management will certainly propel your smallest organization to the head of the competition. Supply cycle management can be nothing more than the process whereby a firm plans, options, creates and delivers merchandise or goods to their target audience. For a business to succeed this process must be streamlined to not just guarantee ideal customer service, although also to make certain costs will be contained so the company may realize significant profits. One company that has continually attained supply chain management superiority over time can be Amazon.

Amazon’s president and CEO feels that “end-to-end and click-to-ship” customer offerings at Amazon . com are among the more prevalent features that will carry on and propel the corporation to the top rated (Wheatley, 1). Amazon constantly works to upgrade and streamline its processes. Of highest vital that you the company is customer service, which will according to annual studies the company works, thus far functions efficiently.

Perhaps the one weakened link Amazon . com has had before with respect to source chain managing is products on hand management. It is hard after all for any company supplying so many goods to ensure that all products will be in stock at the same time. Fortunately Amazon is working around this problem, continuing to supply customers ‘one click shipping’ alternatives but sometimes shipping and delivery customer instructions in sections as products become available. Amazon online is currently dealing with software programs to help set maximum inventory levels and help the business improve its product blend to maximize customer support, particularly during peak occasions (Wheatley, 2005).

One last piece of the puzzle which has enabled Amazon’s success include its ability to track customer transactions. Amazon . com keep tabs on not merely what buyers buy, although how they acquire it, when they buy that and what combinations of products customers tend to buy jointly (Whealtey, 2005). This has empowered the company to improve customer service by providing additional goods to buyers through tips, but also ensuring that selected combinations of products are in stock when ever customer place online purchases.

Amazon. com is among other activities committed to superiority in supply chain supervision. It is likely that in the upcoming years the company will certainly continue to develop new processes and procedures that additional integrate their particular supply cycle processes. Advanced planning, products on hand, scheduling, warehousing, improved provider relationships, usage of improved net technology and a constant commitment to customer service have all helped propel Amazon online marketplace to the the top of competition. Supply chain supervision is at ideal both an art and a science.

Obviously Amazon is working to prefect both the artwork and science of producing and providing maximum products and services to customers. Amazon succeeds as it plans, resources, creates and delivers the merchandise customers’ need in a on time and useful fashion, and can continue to do it for years to come.


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