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Barbies, Ourselves” and “Barbie, G. I. Joe, and Play in the 1950’s, ” Emily Praeger and Gary Get across, respectively, go over the cultural importance of kids toy plaything, and of Barbie and G. I. Paul in particular, though from diverse perspectives. Praeger focuses primarily on emails about beauty, lifestyle, appearance and personal identity absorbed simply by little girls as they play with, dress, and acquire fresh outfits for his or her Barbies; Mix explores the advent of Barbie and G. I. Paul as early on consumer things for children plus the durability (although less thus than intended for G. We. Joe than for Barbie) of their popularity.

At the beginning of her essay, Praeger states that upon 1st learning Barbie had been created by a man, “suddenly a lot of things produced sense to my opinion… Let’s be honest: Barbie looks like someone who got her start at the Playboy mansion. She could be a regular customer on the Howard Stern Show (766). Praeger in that case muses that Barbie might even have been designed as “a weapon” or perhaps “the dream date of weapons designers” (767). Nevertheless , if Barbie is the final result of a man designer’s dream, she is as well, as Praeger observes, “in feminist terms… definitely her own person. With her condos and fashion plazas and pools and beauty salons, she is absolutely a liberated woman, a gal around the move” (Praeger). Yet for all of Barbie’s self-reliance and “vast popularity… “she was the sixties woman” (768), Barbie’s visible sexuality (i. elizabeth., her big breasts) in contrast to her perform doll partner Ken’s non-sexuality (genitalia not clearly displayed) may have got given young ladies playing with Barbie the idea that Ken’s sexuality was somehow even more sacred or perhaps valuable than Barbie’s; therefore, suggests Praeger, “twenty-five years later, videos and video clips are still filled with topless ladies and covered males. “

While Praeger’s composition suggests just how young girls playing with their Barbies may have been affected, psychologically, psychologically, or socially, by Barbie’s independence and autonomy (combined, however , with her apparent sexuality and whatever inconsistant or otherwise complicated messages that may have provided them), Cross’s essay focuses more about Barbie like a consumer target, and how Barbie and G. I. Later on (although Barbie more so than G. I actually. Joe) have got withstood long use, and in Barbie’s case, transformed in appearance in addition to other ways over time to echo the changing times.

Get across states Barbie was actually created by a girl, Ruth Handler, which contradicts Praeger’s assertion that Barbie

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