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Pip is the main character of this history. The whole story of the novel revolves around him and his transformation into an adult from a great immature young.  1. Premature: pip was highly immature.

This feature in him can be evidently seen in pg 59 in which he says ” but when the girl was removed, I viewed about myself for a spot to hide my personal face in and got lurking behind one of the entrance in the brewery lane and leaned my sleeve tension the wall membrane there, and leaned my own forehead on it and cried. As I cried, I kicked the wall structure and had taken a hard distort at my locks; so nasty were my personal feelings thus sharp were the smart without a name that needed counteraction. ” Pip cries so much, suddenly begins to have this kind of a low self confidence, why? Must be girl came and mentioned that he previously coarse hands, wore thick boots and “called the knaves Jack. ” Instead of standing up to get himself, pip simply yowls.

This goes to demonstrate how immature pip was.  Pip’s immaturity is also noticed in his “romantic idealism. ” Ever since his first meeting with beautiful Estella, he always thought of her in page 101 he admits that, “often after dark, when I was pulling the bellows for Joe, and were vocal Old Clem, and the believed how we used to sing for Miss Haveshams would seem to lure me to Estella’s face in the open fire, with her pretty locks fluttering inside the wind and her face scorning for me.

Generally at these kinds of a time I might look towards those panels of black night time in the wall structure which the solid wood windows after that were, and would extravagant that I found her pulling her confront away and would assume that she had come now. ” Regardless of Estella being so disparaging he instantly falls for her, rather on her behalf looks. This again reveals the immaturity in pip. 2 . Good and sympathetic: pip was generous and sympathetic, a well known fact that can be seen in his quite a few acts of kindness over the novel. In page ___ he sympathizes with Magwitch and helps him escape.

A tiny boy losing sight of his approach to help a wretched convict! This goes to present how sympathetic pip was.  Not merely sympathetic, pip was significant at heart. He was generous.

This is often witnessed in page _____ where he privately buys Herbert’s way in to business. The 3rd example to demonstrate that pip was ample is in site 137where he admits that, “as My spouse and i passed the church My spouse and i felt a sublime empathy for poor people creatures who had been destined to look there, On the after On the, all their lives thru and lie obscurely at last among the low green mounds. I promised personally that I would take action for them one of these days and formed an agenda in describe for bestowing a dinner of roast beef and plum pudding, a pint of ale and a gallon of condescension upon everybody in the village. ” 3. Had a great desire for self-improvement: pip always wanted to raised himself, better his state and better his position.

This characteristic in him can be experienced in webpage 66 in which he tells Later on, “and that there was a beautiful dude at miss Havesham’s who was dreadfully very pleased and that she had stated I was prevalent, and that We wished I had been not common, and that the is placed had come of it for some reason, though I actually didn’t learn how. ” In addition his profound desire to boost in life, being “Uncommon” is additionally seen in page 68 where he goes to among his family, Biddy to get knowledgeable from her. He says, “when I woke up the best stage I could consider towards making myself uncommon was to step out of Biddy every thing she recognized. ” In webpage 164 he asks Herbert to correct his mannerisms if he located them un-gentlemanly. He says, “I further pointed out that as I had been lifted a blacksmith in a country place, and knew almost no of the means of politeness, I would personally take this is the kindness in him my spouse and i. e. Herbert if he would give me a hint when ever this individual saw me going confused or going wrong. ”

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