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As a figure, Creon is almost and inverse of Antigone, because his concern for his personal authority trumps his like for his own family, when he all but disowns his child Haemon intended for the latter’s support of Antigone. As they flaws are the most important portions of characterization with regards to the storyline, they essentially define the characters also in spite of the inside emotional lives hinted for within the enjoy.

As presentation is the primary way in which the plot is usually conveyed towards the audience, Aristotle argues that a tragedy need to contain effective language and metaphors to be able to both relay direct information about the plot and also shape the reception of these plot with the use of a particular style. Aristotle mementos metaphor most of all, as he says that “to coin metaphors with skill means ability to see the likeness in points, ” and therefore reveal some thing essential regarding both portions of the metaphor (Aristotle 210). In Antigone Creon has its own of the most forceful metaphors, just like when he calls Ismene a “snake stalking in my residence, / sucking out my own life’s bloodstream so secretly” (Sophocles lines 607-608). This kind of use of metaphor says all the about Creon as Ismene, and Antigone frequently contains powerful metaphors like this help to make its larger point about the balance among state expert and familial dedication. Creon even appreciates the importance of metaphor and speech to Greek disaster when he says that “among human beings as well as the smartest suffer a disgraceful land / when ever, to promote themselves, they use excellent words as well as to propagate around harassing insults” (Sophocles lines 1167-1169). Creon is really guilty of this kind of himself, however the irony which in turn arises from his chastising Tiresias for it shows the importance of metaphor in speech to the genre.

One can possibly easily find each of the important portions of Greek disaster in Sophocles’ Antigone, although perhaps the many easily visible are the centrality of plot above all various other elements, observed in the sychronizeds reversal of both Antigone and Creon’s fortunes, the highlighting of the tragic drawback in the form of equally Antigone and Creon’s obstinate pride, and the frequent use of metaphor in characters’ speech. Appreciating just how these elements function in Antigone grants one a greater comprehension of Greek disaster in general, since one may start to see the underlying common structure of Greek disaster in Antigone when considering how all of the imprudencia elements add up to convey a plot which hinges, like all Ancient greek language tragedy, on the moment of dramatic change. Thus, whilst Antigone features its own model of an elderly story, it non-etheless manages to comply with the standards of Greek disaster even while imbuing those criteria and constructions with a exclusive character.

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