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The movie Agora takes place in Alexandria during a time of politics conflict between Christians and pagans in 4th century Rome and centers around Hypatia a woman scientists and philosopher. Hypatia has devoted her your life to science and at first the movie the girl teaches in the Platonic institution. She studies mainly viewpoint, astronomy, and arithmetic, and makes discoveries about how a earth and planets move around the sun. Her hypotheses regarding the earth active the sun within an elliptic orbit were significantly beyond her time.

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She’s respected in “pagan society by her male peers and learners, while Christians find her work heretical. Even her father values her act as a educator and man of science by declining to set her up for matrimony because he knows that it would break her cardiovascular if she had to leave teaching and become a partner. In the film, we see just how science is far more important to Hypatia than love, as the girl refuses loving advances via both Orestes and Davus.

This wounderful woman has chosen to allocate her life to research and her studies, and eventually gives up her life for science, which is admirable to put it lightly.

This motion picture illustrates the conflicts among faith and science that existed in 4th 100 years Rome and still exist today to a much lesser degree. In the video, the Christian believers, led simply by Cyril, were trying to gain political electrical power and demolished anyone who was standing in their approach including Jews and pagans. The pagans are wide open and accepting of the fact that Hypatia was a woman and a man of science and had been open to her scientific efforts but the Christians refused to take her theories and the reality she would not convert to Christianity. They rejected her, declaring asking inquiries about how a world performs was wondering God and so they even marked her being a witch, murdering her towards the end of the motion picture. As a Christian, this was hard to watch plus the conflicts among faith and science that still exist today are frustrating.

As Orestes states, “there is more that unites us than splits us,  which is the case and Christians of all persons, should be the many understanding of this kind of statement and become the most accepting all kinds of persons, according to Jesus’ educating. There will always be inconsistant ideas between scientists and theologists, yet we are usa as one persons and have to have an open head about these concerns and be willing to listen to all sides of an argument. Research and beliefs should be able to coexist peacefully as well as build off of each other. The Christian’s take care of Hypatia as being a woman was also very distinct from the pagan’s treatment of her.

The pagans respected her regardless of her sex however the Christian’s demonstrated no admiration for her and labeled her as a questionnable whore and witch. In lots of conservative Christian sects today, women remain not allowed to support administrative positions in church buildings and are supposed to sit quietly behind their particular husbands, while in the field of science, females can make significant contributions which might be respected by simply both their male and female peers. The bridge between faith and science comes a long way seeing that Hypatia’s period, but there may be still a long way to go, ideally more links will continue to be constructed and the fact that both research and hope can and should unite us, not split us, will be realized.


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