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Monopolies do not always lead to improved prices, decrease outputs and welfare failures. In fact , monopolies can often lead to increases in society’s welfare as significant monopolists reap the benefits of economies of scale in production and distribution. These kinds of falls in costs can often be given to to consumers in the form of less costly products. We all will now talk about briefly some of the potential benefits of monopolistic market structures.

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¢ Lower creation costs and increased well being

Below monopoly, greater output and standardization can cause lower costs.

This can lead to economies of range and opportunity, which can be passed on to consumers in the form of cheaper products.

¢ Natural monopolies

It could be argued that some industrial sectors are more effectively organized because monopolies. Industrial sectors such as normal water, gas, electrical power and marketing communications are often called ‘natural monopolies’. A natural monopoly arises if the ratio with the minimum useful scale to industry dimensions are so large that industries can only support one successful firm.

In natural monopolies, set costs type a large element of total costs.

If the monopoly is in exclusive hands, the monopolist maximizes profits where marginal costs equal limited revenues, and produces for output level and expenses price. The monopolist makes excess earnings equal to the shaded location. If the firm were forced to charge a cost that would dominate under competition, it would collection price equal to marginal costs and develop at outcome level. For example , suppose we now have a normal water company that supplies a selected part of the nation through a network of pipes. It would be ineffective for a fresh firm to the market, build its own approach to pipes then start delivering a segment of the marketplace. This is because the amount of output the firm creates would yield insufficient income to cover total costs. This kind of competition might therefore result in wasteful copying (and competition) of systems.

¢ Technical progress

Large monopoly profits may be used to finance r and d programmes. Monopoly profits will be the reward intended for successful improvements. These innovative developments bring well being gains to society as new products and processes. Furthermore, these monopoly profits is not going to persist while there will eventually be entrance by imitators or us patents will ciel, which will ultimately dissipate these types of profits. These types of assertions have been tested empirically for developing and services industries in many countries.

¢ Avoids not economical forms of competition

Monopolies may steer clear of wasteful kinds of competition just like advertising, that are prevalent top features of many oligopolistic market constructions. Given that monopolists to some extent include a attentive market, there exists little incentive for monopolies in promoting. In addition , monopolists may also make a degree of price stability. They may be professional in effectively gauging the level of demand and supply. A monopolist may also be better placed to endure any downturn in the commercial cycle.


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