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The application of database in our organization has already played a large part in each and every activity in our organization. As with any other company who eliminated the employment paper because the source of information, I can admit our entire company continues to be 80% dependent on the functions of repository applications. Through the process of getting information of shoppers and clientele, offering each of our products and services, delivering the customers’ needs, and recording every single information in every process of the business actions, the company relies on the use of pc applications which utilizes database equipment. In fact , in just my task responsibilities by itself, the use of databases applications comprises 80% of my tasks’ needs. In addition, in the area of providing our products and services, the data source applications that our company has turned available online takes on 75% in successful business transactions with customers.

There are a number of researches and studies that have confirmed the advantages of using database applications in a workplace. If perhaps one is to investigate, the reality that databases tools will be indispensable in different business these days. Today, it is perhaps impossible to see a business that doesn’t use database applications. Even in industries that don’t concentrate on the technology-related business, database tools happen to be similarly used. This is because information is always a part of any organization.

In the constant developments that emerge inside the history of computer technology, the role of database will likewise provide significant part. In our organization, because database gives great number of advantages to our procedure, the use of repository will continually exist. That may be, unless you will have a new expansion that can supersede the advantages that a database delivers.


Improvement is always an important part in making a business perform much better than how it does. Thus, my proposal to create this conceivable, in terms of increasing the use of databases in our business, is databases normalization and optimization. As an example, the ability of your database applications to quickly and effectively provide information can be increased if safe-keeping of data will be done in a smarter way including minimizing unnecessary type of info.

Also, one more improvement should be to allow the opportunity that company-internal database applications will be integrated with each other to

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