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Mr. Walter King

Gulfstream Air

Savannah, GA, USA 34566

DotNet Solutions

| Network Fundamentals



Proposed Network Layout

This is a tender proposal for the task involving the style and the configuration of the local area network (LAN) aboard Gulfstream IV organization jet. The LAN is be used intended for the supply of in-flight entertainment and communication. This kind of proposal provides the details of the hardware requirement for the completing the job together with the estimated cost of the project parts.



The router that should be utilized must have a lot more than 20 jacks. The best in cases like this is CISCO 837-K9-64 ADSL Broadband Router.



Memory: 64MB

The memory space can be broadened to 48MB

Ports: twenty four 10/100 slots

Will be wired to use 100T Base acceleration

Switch-Cisco Catalyst 2950C-24



Memory: 32MB

The memory can be expanded to 48MB

Jacks: 24 10/100 ports

Will probably be wired to work with 100T Bottom speed

several. Network Points



Memory: 32MB

The recollection can be widened to 48MB

Ports: twenty four 10/100 slots

Will be ” cable ” to use 100T Base rate

4. Wifi Access Factors

Should be located in AirCell technology to provide broadband connection in the jet devoid of interfering with flight tools – the CWAP (Cabin Wire Get Point) gives 802. 11a/802. 11b/g a radio station connection including a ground to air internet connection.



802. 11a radio

The best for in-flight communication

802. 11b/g radio

The best intended for in-flight communication

This will be implemented employing AirCell Internet connection System

a few. Touch screen Computer system

For exhibiting the movies and also running basic application such as Ms Office selection. can also be used intended for sending email-based

6. Machine

For controlling the other network resources. Also used to stream the AVOD (Audio Online video On Demand)-Should be HP Compaq ProLiant DL760 G2



Processor: Quad

Ip Address, Laptop Network, Internet Protocol, Cisco Systems

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Network Basic principles


Gulfstream Network Pitch

Network Basic principles

Cover Letter

Appended information

Mister. Jet Purchaser

1952 Kanako Lane

Gulfstream IV Network Proposal

Joe Smith

Consumer Relations

In under one hundred years, air travel and networking and computing marketing communications have evolved from the Wright brothers as well as the UNIVAC encased in several big rooms to totally functional in-flight Gulfstream network communications. People today anticipate their side pilots, notebooks and PC’s to act as seamlessly while the trip itself. The modern day worries are mired in the fact that digital conversation now requires a two way website link that has inadvertently opened up a can of worms intended for airline network administrators. Network security and key distribution and managing authenticating and authorizing ad-hoc networks took on new meaning in the world of personal airplane.

The objective is to soft a viable style regarding the configuration of a completely integrated local area network (LAN) and entertainment system to get the Gulfstream IV non-public business plane. This pitch and design takes in to consideration nothing but the best obtainable equipment that is both affordable and extremely useful. There is tiny doubt the G4 is a very popular mid-sized business jet which is typically used for mid-range flights enduring up to 6th hours, therefore passengers requires both entertainment and business functionality. Much like most organization jets, the passengers require access to Net connected computers while in flight and the aeroplanes should permit customers to connect to this network from their personal Wi-Fi enabled devices. The goal is always to allow travellers the flexibly to either use the plane’s computers or their own.

Project Proposal


Stage one particular – Collection of Equipment and Services


8 PC MONITOR – MIRACLE Organization, LD117A 15. 4 in Black LCD MonitorMax Image resolution: 1024 times 768 / 75 Hertz, Image Contrast Ratio: three hundred: 1, Response Time: 40 ms

a couple of Server – PowerEdge T310 with about 4 Hot-Plug Hard Drives and LCD Analysis, Operating SystemMicrosoft Small Business Hardware 2008, Common Edition with Media Main system, Memory 4 GIG Memory (2x2GB), 1333 MHz, Dual Rated UDIMM Memory space, Primary Hard DriveHD Multi-Select Primary Hard Drive, Processor Intel Xeon X3450, 2 . sixty six GHz, 8M Cache, Turbo, HT

four Routers – Cisco 3900 Series Built-in Services Routers, Delivers international rich-media providers including TelePresence, highest denseness of support virtualization, and lowest TCO with energy efficiency, Perfect for high-end deployments requiring organization continuity, WAN flexibility, outstanding collaboration capabilities, and investment protection, Field-upgradeable motherboard, circuit-speed WAN performance up to one hundred and fifty Mbps with services such while security, flexibility, WAN optimization, unified marketing communications, video, and customized applications, 3 RUISSEAU modular physical proportions

1 Computer printer – Dell Color Laserlight 3130cn, Printing Speed (Actual print speed will vary with use) Approximately 31 ppm mono or over to twenty six ppm color, Ports10/100BaseT-TX Ethernet, IEEE 1284 Parallel Dock, USB 2 . 0 High-speed supported (Type-B connector) Jacks Print Velocity (Actual produce speed will vary with use), Dimensions (W x M. x H) 15. 8″ x nineteen. 8″ by 18. 5″ Dimensions (W x D. x H)


Exterior communications will utilize the DIRECTV High-Speed Internet bundled packages that make use of the WildBlue Satellite Internet Service pertaining to in flight sending and receiving both equally television and internet links where DHCP protocol is going to automatically get IP address schemems. This provides get connections for either APPLE PC or Windows-based systems. This kind of service is usually extremely fast and reliable, obtainable virtually everywhere in the nation at any altitude and it is very affordable. The on-plane COMPACT DISC tower provides a 28 part CD structure that has eight drivers every tower wall plug which provides almost endless streams of music and movies. The on-board FTP storage space can get full/long data file structures pertaining to file sharing assistance of all files, blueprints and oversized data files and will certainly not interfere with band width usage pertaining to other stores.

Propose Network Layout

This proposed network layout is a multicast program where nodes send a packet tackled to the special group treat. Devices which can be interested in this kind of group signup and then get packets tackled to the group. The Gresca routers send out all improvements to all of some other Cisco routers throughout the aircraft. The LAN (Local place network) utilizes a short-range star topology that has almost 8 in chair PC’s with internal Network Interface Greeting cards (NIC) and Ethernet greeting cards normally 15 or 90 Mbps because needed, plugged into motherboard. Hence all peripheral nodes are connected through network through individual NIC. There is one particular network color laser printer, 1 multi-read write CD-ROM tower with 28 hard disk drive loading functionality, 1 dedicated ‘large file’ FTP acquiring server, 2 DirecTV television/Internet in-flight satellite television antennas and connection obtaining services, all required switch, bridge and routers to get in touch to external and internal nodes in the network. The backbone with the system comprises main wiring based on the Star topology and contains a transfer price of 10 Mbps (megabits per second), while the spine operates in 100 Mbps. Media Get Control (MAC) address will be maintained through DNS server table for security capture data and are centered two the same parts 6th bytes lengthy with the initial 3 bytes identify the corporation that built the NIC and second 3 bytes the dramón number of the NIC itself.

Stage a couple of Plan the installation

When the equipment have been selected as well as the required services planned, the physical assembly is as follows.

Floor plan layout

This floor strategy is potential assistance layout for the installation with the network. The Network rack holds two routers and 2 machines and all hardware for the AVP cloud Internet connection program to the external DirecTV Satellite receiving antenna on the butt of the plane. The Color Printer and FTP monitor/keyboard will be in the Front side left closet. All electricity outlets, network ports, cable connection runs, will certainly consist of underneath the floor wiring schematics from the network cabinet in the backside of the fuselage to the undersides of each chair for the headrest monitors and food rack keyboards and virtual mice and Bose sound removing headsets, and also directly into the front left storage room for the printer plus the FTP data file server monitor. Any required wireless website link antennas that are needed will be hidden in basic sight through under chair setup or perhaps in the roof structure of the inside the plane.

Wi-fi Security – D5 10 marks

Since Gulfstream is involved that passenger’s files and resources may be vulnerable through the wireless network, network security for the internet and networked environment will have three main objectives. The desired goals are to satisfy the basic protection needs that entail the combo of internal and external data gain access to, all required Internet privacy, integrity, and availability requires and to focus on the user’s entertainment demands of tv set, music and movie conversation systems.

The security objectives from the system involve balancing the information in regard to system authentication, consent, and nonrepudiation. The system’s security application will consequently stop unlawful entry into the network and offer levels of data access by way of a permission table that is regulated and preserved on the DNS server, but actually will allow for low-level access of non-classified info.

IP dealing with Scheme

The centrally located DNS server acts in two capacities, to get in touch to the outdoors world by way of a DirecTV Satellite/Internet connection and as the central hub for the internal network utilizing a one static treat and enables all other owners to be configured via DHCP. The DNS server would have been a Dell PowerEdge T310 tower server with at least 2Tb of hard disk space, a processor no less than 2ghz, at least 4Gb of memory, and Gigabit Ethernet. It will have a chance to house most required routing tables and DNS server table links for equally internal and external network communications and have a separate Dell PowerEdged that act in the capacity of any FTP large file storage space. The beauty of this sort of connection is usually that the Gulfstream is only going to require two IP address for the entire process to function properly, one particular for the plane to access the net, the internal cloud technology supplies a seemingly online connection to the DNS hardware and parses out the net bandwidth with each of the inner subnet IP connections. This technique will make that seem as though every PC workstation or perhaps node has its own direct internet connection similar to a house with a solitary internet connection and through an antenna provides links for any PC within variety of the sign. A recommended but not last routing structure is as follows:

DNS Storage space routing stand [IP 198. twenty-two. 0. 118, seat1 sama dengan 198. 3. 0. you, seat2 sama dengan 198. twenty-four. 0. you, seat3 sama dengan 198. 25. 0. 1, seat4 = 198. 21. 0. you, seat5 = 198. 27. 0. you, seat6= 198. 28. 0. 1]

Node Router Address table [198. 21. zero. 1: Router Table intended for seat links, 198. 22. 0. 1 printer1, 198. 21. 0. 2-29 entertainment system, 198. 21. 32. 30-59 television set, 198. 21 years old. 64. 60-89]

FTP 1 Subnet Server [198. 3. 0. you: Router Treat, 198. 24. 0. you, Router Stand, 198. 22. 0. 119 FTP File Server, 198. 23. 0. 2-29 color printer, 198. 23. 32. 30-59 Extra]

Bundle Tracer Prototype – D7 20 represents

****** You don’t have access to this info or software program specs

Employ Packet Dire to modele the organized network. You don’t have to have all 19 computers linked in the simulation, 3 at most of the

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