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Qualitative identification of your substance is of significant importance in biochemistry. Physical constants such as melting points have traditionally been used by organic and natural chemistry to get identification of unknown chemical substances. As for inorganic substances, the precipitation of your solid, benefits of a flame test, or maybe the formation of the colored compound could all be keys to identifying a sample. Chromatography and spectra happen to be amongst the new techniques practiced today. A problem that arises in biochemistry and biology when looking to identify a certain compound would be that the tests which have been utilized to recognize these ingredients rely on the response of a efficient group and for that reason will produce positive reactions with more than just one compound.

Therefore more than one check has to be performed in order to assume, speculate suppose, imagine which mixture is present by simply process of reduction. Carbohydrate biochemistry allows us a great chance to better figure out qualitative tests. The tests run through this experiment are often carried out to distinguish simple carbohydrates.

It is possible that by making these tests with a various different sugars we decide the identity of an unknown sample. Checks

Benedict’s Test

Checks for: Lowering Sugar (+), Nonreducing Sugars (“)

Positive consequence: Red medications Negative result: No medications Bial’s Test out

Tests for: Pentoses (+), Additional (“)

Positive consequence: Change in color to over cast dark blue Negative result: Not over cast dark green Barfoerd’s Test

Tests for: Monosaccharides (+), Disaccharides (“)

Positive end result: Red precipitate Negative effect: No medications Seliwanoff’s Check

Assessments for: Fructose (+), Different (“)

Positive end result: Change in color to fruit Negative consequence: Not orange colored Glucose Oxidase Test

Tests for: Glucose (+), Other (“)

Confident result: Changes color Adverse result: Remains to be same color Starch Iodine Test

Tests pertaining to: Starch (+), Sucrose (“)

Confident result: Difference in color to blue Unfavorable result: Certainly not blue


We all determined the carbohydrate to be ribose great deal of thought matched up perfectly with all the check results there were ran. Ribose was the just carbohydrate in the ten that had identical reactions for the tests performed. The three tests that ribose was controlled by were Benedict’s test, Bial’s test, and Barfoerd’s test out, all of which ribose tested great for. Considering that the unknown likewise tested great to these 3 tests and negative to all other checks that we leaped, this means the unknown can be described as reducing glucose, a pentose, and a monosaccharide. All of us did possess a bit of problems trying to decide whether the unidentified was arabinose or ribose because they both examined positive towards the aforementioned assessments. However , arabinose had a greenish tint and our not known matched in color more closely to ribose’s dark blue.

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