Cause of Children Obesity: Marketing of Unhealthy Foods Essay

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“Daddy, there it is… you should stop, ” my kids scream and shout from the again seat of the car even as we pass by the signature glowing arches of McDonalds. My children understand the fantastic arches, the leprechaun on Lucky Charms cereal, and all the characters from Tinkerbell, to Etika to Scooby Doo about all the boxes of fresh fruit snacks. Yet no one can be screaming for a stick of cheese, an apple, or a banana at snack food time.

It’s amazing really, that foods loaded with extra calories, glucose, and body fat have a colorful, fun good friend attached to enhance their marketing and food that are healthier like milk, cheese, loaf of bread and chicken do not. All over the place you look coming from TV, billboards, to imaginative packaging unhealthy foods are becoming pushed to our young consumers in an alluring manner. The united states rate pertaining to childhood obesity and health issue is at a great all-time high and yet we wonder why.

The Advertising of unhealthy food to kids, has led to the overwhelming health problems in the lives of our present generations. The creative business presentation of sugars loaded, calorie laden and salt ridden snacks can make it nearly impossible for the patients parents to offer better snacks with their children as well as to fight weight problems with much healthier living, for that reason leading to the issues. The advertising of unhealthy foods helps it be difficult for parents to motivate healthy ingesting to kids and causes the unhealthy weight of the children.

Unhealthy take out is posted all over the place and it is designed to pick up the attention from the consumer about all levels. In the most cases it’s cheap, quickly, and hassle-free and the the labels and presentation makes it extremely hard to say no . There are hardly any advertisements that focus on healthful choices for youngsters. I argue, that the marketing of unhealthy foods makes it impossible for parents to provide other alternatives.

I do assume that marketing creates more enticing alternatives, but in my opinion it’s finally the parents decision what to offer a child with no one is forcing them to decide. There are plenty of methods to present healthier alternatives to children that will make them more desirable, yet they are often more time eating and at occasions not seen as being as economical. Yet , I personally did a little test where I actually compared the amount I spent eating out pertaining to an entire week breakfast, lunch time and dinner to the quantity spent getting healthier food and planning my foods at home.

By the end of the week I had put in $10 significantly less eating at home than I did so eating out. Yes, it was more hours consuming but since they say anything at all worth having is worth struggling with for and what is a short amount of time when it comes to your children’s health and health and wellness. The second serious problem with creative marketing of unhealthy foods is a difficulty celebrate in struggling with obesity and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Most favorite treats and meals that are prompted are full of calories, salt and sugar which lead excess weight gain and trigger non-communicable diseases like heart disease and child diabetes. Additionally, they are not rich in nutritional value, resulting in low levels of energy, further leading to sedentary standards of living and slower behavior. My spouse and i disagree that marketing only makes it difficult to encourage more healthy living, mainly because more switches into play in healthy living than you eat exclusively.

I believe the fact that advancement of technology and generation Times, also promotes a very sedentary lifestyle. The younger generation are not nearly as active as previously generations mainly because technology places everything within sitting reach for entertainment, and all the blame can’t rest upon big bad food promoting. However with that being stated, I do consider it all goes back to parenting.

In my opinion father and mother who inspire more active lifestyles, athletics and creative alternatives to gaming devices, laptops and TV help to fight obesity. Taking responsibility for your children’s health, diet plans and activity levels can be part of the responsibility of child-rearing, and to merely blame it on marketing and fast food eating places because you don’t need the hassle of saying no frequently, standing your ground or being unhealthy guy is simply scape goat.

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