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Chic-Boy™ is actually a new trademark and business design of Boat dock One Club and Grill Holdings Organization, the company behind the good Pier 1 Bar and Grill restaurant chain inside the Philippines. It is a quick-service cafe that is a “cut above” fast food, with a cult-like following. Our concept concentrates on quality, variety and services. Chic-boy’s satisfaction is their Cebu Lechon Manok and Cebu Lechon Liempo marinated and stuffed with her band spices and charcoal broiled to delicious and yummy perfection. * Objectives The primary objective of Chic-Boy is usually to provide people/ their customers with great foods at affordable prices, present convenience simply by allowing family reunions and get together.

And last but not the least, one of their goals is to broaden the business by giving and allowing franchise. 2. THE FRANCHISOR-FRANCHISEE RELATIONSHIP Franchisor shall provide Franchisee with specifications pertaining to brands and types of any equipment, fixtures and furniture necessary for the Franchised Facility, The Franchisor will give you supplies such as products, tools and materials previously designed and provided by the Franchisor to be used in the Franchised Facilities and “services” which includes, but is not limited to, consistent advancement and remodelling of products and processes, in-store audit investigations related to the consistent methods of care, safety, and proper rendering of pre-defined pharmacy procedures and strategies, also schooling and assistance program will probably be given.

5. Responsibilities of the Franchisee The obligation of the franchisee will give attention to the continuing services and royalty fees, accounting and records, standards of quality and performance. * PRODUCT OR SERVICE * ADMINISTRATION, STAFFING, PROPER PARTNERS, ANG PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT * BUSINESSES * ADVERTISING * Promoting Targets The prospective market of Chic-boy will be students, staff and famiies. There are not any age limit as to who have are all their target market, as long as they can continue to eat the foodstuff offered by the establishment. * Distribution Considering that the entity suggested is not in the making industry, the distribution explained in the strategy will be the site where the wall plug will be placed thus providing the customers within the vicinity.

5. Competitive Environment and Placement The primary rivals of the Chic-Boy will be the junk food chains just like Jollibee, McDonald’s and KFC that are in the same for 10 million baht in thailand (divide that by three for the rest of the developed world). the suggested franchise. The other foodstuff plaes are thought as second competitors mainly because since the two offer foodstuff, the services and form of food offered is different. 5. Marketing Techniques and Support The advertising tactics and support that Chic-Boy are actually offering are basic flyer supplying and posting of tarpaulins and posters. And the Chic-Boy radio they have in their personal stores and outlets.

The P six, 069, 1000 total investment will be financed by the 5 investors together with the distribution as follows: P a few, 069, 500 for the managing director and L 750, 1000 for the remaining 4 investors. * Usage of Funds The overall investment of P 6th, 069, 000 will be used inside the payment of rent for the land/property, Working Capital, Household furniture, Fixtures, Equipments, Construction and Renovation. A fund will probably be allotted to get the repayment of lease, because the home is leased; for the furniture, fixture and instruments, this includes the aircon devices, signage, desks & chairs, grillers, selection hood, termes conseilles & chillers, plates, products kitchen and restaurant materials; another share for the construction & renovation which includes detrimental works, plumbing, electrical, lamps, mechanical, wear out and oxygen; and last but not the least, funds to get used as commissary deposit, franchise charge and working capital.

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