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Just about every four years, two children in the village of Gavaldon will be kidnapped. They’re taken to the famed University for Good and Evil, wherever they are conditioned to be both storybook characters or villains. The lovely but arrogant Sophie can’t wait around to be abducted. She understands she’s queen material and has proven it through her recent string great deeds in her community. She possibly stooped to befriend Agatha, the weird girl whom lives in the cemetery.

Agatha will be the perfect evil child, and so Sophie truly does her part to see they may be kidnapped collectively. But when Sophie’s plan succeeds and the ladies are spirited away for the two-schools-in-one, they’re certain there’s been a mistake. Agatha is placed at the School for Good, whilst Sophie is definitely sent to the college for Nasty. Sophie must learn approaches to kill, uglify herself, bane others etc. She commences a campaign to convince everyone she actually is been miscategorized, but the girl only succeeds in bothersome her 3 evil roommates. Agatha, feeling out of place with the School once and for all, only desires to get Sophie and bust out so they can go back home. But Sophie has no wish to leave. She’s still convinced she can easily right this terrible wrong and acquire transferred to the School for Good. She also falls for a prince known as Tedros and can think of simply winning him for their self. She repeatedly thwarts Agatha’s efforts to rescue her and will take Agatha’s loyalty for granted.

Although disappointed, Agatha proceeds with her studies hoping that Sophie will change her mind. Agatha discovers this wounderful woman has the power to produce enchanted human beings from spells that have placed them captive as family pets or objects. Then Sophie’s flirting with Tedros begins to convince him she can be good all things considered, and this individual vows to aid her prove her benefits. The girls are brought prior to School Learn. He reveals them that the Storian, a glowing pen that produces by itself, is definitely creating their very own fairly tale at that moment. This individual tells all of them the only way they will prove whom they really are should be to solve a riddle. They have to determine the thing Evil cannot have and Good can never do with no. Sophie’s roommates tell her a brief history of the school. There were once two Institution Masters who had been twin brothers. One was good, the other was evil. The brothers happened to run the school and protected the Storian, ensuring the total amount of good and evil. The evil brother tried to catch the Storian so maybe he is in control.

A great warfare began, and one brother was killed. No one knows which sibling won, nevertheless everyone potential foods it was the excellent brother since Evil have not won a battle in years. The ladies determine the fact that answer to their very own riddle is Love. Agatha is confident that in the event Sophie’s true love, Tedros, smooches Sophie, it will prove the girl isn’t a villain. Then they go home. Only Sophie learns that the students at the Institution for Good (who are called Evers) are having a ball. She’s determined to not miss it, even if it means keeping Tedros from bestowing True Love’s Kiss after her. Sophie’s grades will be horrible, thus Agatha allows her be a cheater so as never to be started out. Agatha frequently places a cause on very little to become a cockroach. She sneaks in to the Evil school (whose students are Nevers) to aid Sophie examine. Sometimes the girl hides in Sophie’s hair to whisper answers with her and help her pass challenging challenges in their classroom.

Meanwhile, Sophie starts to dress in hefty makeup and short, small dresses to find the attention of other men. She commences teaching lunchtime lectures to the girls by her university so they can develop popularity while using Evers. Tedros finally agrees to take Sophie to the ball, even though it moves against every one of the rules regarding Evers and Nevers remaining with their own kind. Several of the Nevers, who are convinced Sophie has become cheating on her exams and homework, decide to kill her in an upcoming challenge.

A hidden Agatha saves Sophie via certain loss of life, but Sophie’s behavior after puts her at probabilities with both Agatha and Tedros. Agatha desires to be beautiful, and her wish comes true. Soon, she and Tedros decide to attend the ball collectively. Sophie in that case shows the extent of her evil nature simply by waging conflict against the Evers and trying to destoy Agatha, whom she now knows is her Nemesis. In a competition the night of the ball, students must demonstrate a talent. Sophie has been locked out of the room, so the learners hope there won’t be difficulties. Agatha can’t think of a talent. The moment her turn comes, your woman realizes that the fairy and wolf guards are actually previous students who were given these kinds of bodies and guard jobs for failing their classes. She does not have enough power to free their very own spirits, yet her ability to show the different students the truth makes the current students more compassionate toward the pads.

Sophie breaks in, and using her bad magic, directs ravens to brutally ruin the baby wolves and fairies. She tries unsuccessfully to destroy the student body too. Sophie soon leads the conflicted Nevers in waging a final fight against the Evers. Agatha trips the School pertaining to Evil so that you can stop the war. When the Evers turn up to attack, Sophie tries to discredit Agatha and convince the Evers that Agatha is in Evil’s part. Evers magically become unattractive, and Nevers become eye-catching, until no person knows who may be on whose side. Sophie realizes in order she will at any time get the stopping she wants is to eliminate the School Learn and the Storian. The School Expert, who shows up as a good looking prince, explains to Sophie that they belong collectively. He reveals that he can Evil, although Good provides continued to triumph each one of these years mainly because Love is among the most powerful pressure there is. This individual believes that with Sophie, he can get something a lot more powerful: Wicked love. This individual kisses her and turns into a decaying, maggot-filled corpse.

Sophie is in give up hope, finally thinking she can not be Good. Merely then, Agatha rescues her. As the other learners look in, the nature of the Institution Master’s sibling takes on the body of a ready teacher and destroys the Evil close friend before disappearing. Agatha keeps Sophie’s dying body since Sophie pants that the girl doesn’t wish to be evil. The moment Agatha believes Sophie is definitely dead, the lady kisses her friend on the lips. The kiss revives Sophie, and the two good friends happily fade.

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