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“Of mice and men drastically conveys to us the vital need for dreams in helping us to deal; with all the often challenging realities of our lives. ” In this storia by Steve Steinbeck, several characters acquired dreams to get them away of difficult facts, their dreams helped those to combat the loneliness and hopelessness of there existence. George Milton and Lenny Small , two poor desolate migrant workers who belonged nowhere and also to know one were condemned to a your life of wandering and work, in which they will neve be able to reap the fruits of there time.

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The one thing that that kept them strong through this repetitive and worthless life was a dream. “Someday we’re gonna get the jack port together and we’re likely to have a little house and a couple of quadrat an’ a cow and a few pigs” (George- pg 14). It was a dream that was shared simply by every American worker, to get a place of their own, the opportunity to be employed by themselves and know one to give them purchases. For Lenny the wish was quite definitely real, this helped him to cope with the boredom that he experienced and he always went to sleep completely happy thinking about looking after the rabbits.

For George on the other hand, the dream was at first such as a fairytale this individual told Lenny to bring an endearing smile upon his face as well as the promise of tending the rabbits helped him to be out of trouble but all the while he was very upbeat about the dream and felt that there was no chance it would become real. George’s initial views towards the dream had been soon transformed when Sweets found out about what they were preparing, he gives financial support and suddenly a new view is seen with the dream.

This unexpected offer by Candy means that the dream has ceased to be a imagination and finally all of the pain and suffering might have payed off intended for George, Lenny and Sweets but the threat to the fulfilment of this dream is at any time present in Lenny’s behaviour in addition to the end their Lenny’s uncontrollable actions which in turn finally ruin dream. The dream is consistently changing, in the beginning it was simply a story informed by George to cheer up Lenny, after that in the middle this seemed like it would come true and finally in the end it was apparent that everyone’s dreams were broken with Lenny as the only exception, as they dies pleased with the picture from the dream in the head.

Candy wishes to share in the desire with George and Lenny because he is now old and useless just like his puppy, he offers nowhere to attend and now that you care about him and contrary to his doggie they’re not going to take him out and shoot him, instead generally there going to place him in an old individuals home in which he will feel lonesome and have zero freedom. By joining Lenny and George he can live out his days and nights happy and free, permanently safe being aware of he won’t be refined. Once Sweets realises that the dream is somewhat more or much less a reality he stands up for what he features with pride and courage, something this individual didn’t carry out before he realised the dream was within reach.

Sweets realises that he doesn’t have to be the useless aged cripple any more because he can easily live the rest of his life cheerful, without being advised what to do. Candy’s dream ended in a pessimistic way because all this individual wanted got destroyed leaving him with nothing and so left in the same manner he was ahead of the dream- older, useless and hanging on to his work by a thread. Crooks desire was to be respected but not judged simply by his shade, he as well wanted to go on the farm with Sweets, George and Lenny.

Criminals is among the the bitterness, anger and hopelessness that the black American struggling to be recognised as a human being can be faced with. At first Crooks was most negative about the dream of owning a ranch however the dream was powerful enough to convince him it turned out the real thing for some moments just to be broken by Curley’s wife who made it very clear that there is no way a black, crippled outcast such as him self would ever make these kinds of a dream a real possibility. That affirmation that Curly’s wife manufactured, made Crooks realise that he was just an outcast and what she said was in a means true, get back all the hopes and dreams of Crooks were smashed.

Like Thieves, Curley’s partner is troubled with solitude and misery. She was out of place around the ranch and because of that your woman was a genuinely lonesome person with forlorn feelings and therefore was generally desperate for anyone to talk to. Throughout the novel Curley’s wife stirred up various emotions among the workers in the ranch, including the way the lady looked and acted business lead other characters in the story to see her as a “tart”. Curly’s wife indulged in a dream which in turn had previously passed her by, going out of her which has a life of empty expect. Like many young females, she aspired to stardom in motion pictures after getting wrongly told that your woman was a “natural”.

At first your woman seemed chilly hearted and place herself to create trouble but it became noticeable that she was simply lonely adn wanted anyone to talk to as Curley was not interested in hearing about her expectations or dreams, the only person she discovered willing to pay attention to was Lenny.

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