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Executive Summary

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Chooks to Go oven roasted chicken is the control name under Bounty Agro Ventures Incorporation. a conglomerate of the Resources Fresh Band of Companies with more than 1, 75 rotisserie outlets nationwide, is aiming to increase it is sales inside the province of Misamiz Occidental by 10% this year.

The business is freelancing its staff in the ir Chooks to look outlets so the company will be hands off in any legal claims. Yet , they continue to assure that the Chooks to visit crews will have the income and benefits they should have.

The company is additionally abiding the National Building Code in the Phillipines in building all their Chooks to look stores. This can be to ensure the security of the open public.

The Resources group is usually rapidly broadening its Chooks to Go retailers nationwide. The main reason for this is the confidence they may have gain throughout the economy as it got achieved several. 3% economical growth last 2010 and expected to much better this year.

Denizens nowadays are more into healthy living that’s why the Bounty Group ensures that Chooks to Go offers the customers a guaranteed secure, cl ean and a high standard prep for poultry and when it comes to technological advantage the company consistently invest in R and d to be able to accommodate the eating public the very best service and product h they deserve.

The corporation also uses various solutions in setting up its products and high end chemical compounds in cleaning its gear. On the side with the micro-environment, it is noted the fact that population from the province had increased via 91, 410 to 112, 650 via years 95 to 3 years ago b ase on the statistical data provided by NSO on their website by July 2011. This drastically means that the potential customers of Chooks to look is also increasing.

On the other hand bottom on that data given, Class A potential customers are in twenty. 75%, C lass B are in 18. 74%, Class C potential customers are in twenty eight. 67% as well as the Class M are in 31. 84%. The competition of Chooks to Go roasted chicken inside the province happen to be Sr. Pedro Lechon Manok, Ogis Lechon Manok, Botoy’s Lechon Manok and other regional roasted chicken breast operators. The competitions causes in the region are in moderate level. The strength of the organization is that they production their own goods, they run their own broiler farms, nourish mills and processing plants thus they have the adequate supply pertaining to the increasing demand with the public.

We have a good chance now pertaining to the company of obtaining a product series that would be mixed with essential vitamins and nutrients because people loves to eat healthy foods, thus making chicken more healthy will boosts sales pertaining to the company. Even so on the other hand, the company is not really free from any kind of threat of poultry disorders like Chicken Flu that cause to disable the industry’s procedure and increasing your sales and conversions to speedily decline.

The Chooks to Go roasting chicken can be pri ced at G 149, one hundred fifty five, and 165 pesos with respect to the sizes. Offered sizes will be Regular size, Bigtime size and Supersize which also comes in three diverse flavors, Nice Roast, Warm and Spicy, and Pepper Roast. All of this roasted rooster are available in all Chooks to Go rotisserie shops. Chooks to travel will be advertise on Radio stations within Ozamiz Town and will operate for a yr. Chooks to travel will also participate in Community Expansion activities here in the region to motivate youth to interact in sports rather than in illegal actions. Chooks to look will be continually differentiated from the competitors to be the only range roasted chicken na inches Masarap Kahit Walang Sauce.

And because of all efforts in marketing Chooks to Go, it can contribute a 10% embrace the company’s product sales this year. In addition , Chooks to look will be popular not only as oven roasting chicken that may be delicious even without sauce but since a brand that participated in society exactly where it works.


Marketing Goal

Chooks to go is the only ORC that position itself to be the only roasted poultry na “Masarap Kahit Walang sauce. Chooks to Go that invades the by thunderstorm last 08 and now convey more than 1, 100 retailers nationwide has become aiming to increase its revenue and market share in Misamis Occidental by simply 10% this year.


Environmental Scanning


Politics and Legal Environment

The rotisserie staff of chooks to go is usually under an agency which is the one responsible for their particular wages and benefits, however Bounty fresh ensures that the outlets staff get the salary and rewards they are worthy of. E. g Minimum income pe ur region Bounty Fresh also ensures that every Chooks to travel outlets abides the Countrywide Building Code of the Thailand which is the policy in the state to safeguard life, health, property, and public wellbeing, consistent with the guidelines of environment al managing and control; and to this end, help to make it the objective of this Code to provide for all those buildings and structured, a framework of minimum requirements and requirements by helping, regulating, and controlling all their location, siting, design, top quality of m aterials, development, use, occupancy, and repair, including their environment, ammenities, fixtures, products, and mechanised electrical, and other systems and installations.

Monetary Factors

We are able to say that the economy of the Philippines now is doing well because of its obtained 7. 3% economic expansion last 2010, that is why the Philippines tries to attract even more foreign investment and enable the long underperforming economy to catch up with their fast-developing Asian neighbors. And this becomes a get od opportunity for Bounty Clean to invest more in growing the Chooks to GO stores in the country by putting a retail outlet in almost every associated with the country. Aside from that it is zero lie that Chooks to Go creates more employment having more than one particular, 100 stores across the country. Social and Social Environment

Filipinos were irrefutably chicken fan, they desire for rooster, and Chooks to Go answer this yearnings by providing Filipino’s a delicious range roasted rooster na inches masarap kahit walang sauce There is also certainly that people currently is more conscious with their overall health. A safe and clean prep for meals is a big factor therefore Chooks to Go ensures that it offers the customer a secure, clean, certain fresh, and a high regular preparation for chicken.

Technological Factor

Chooks to Go continually invest in L and Deb to improve its item, aside from roasted chicken they create useful products that exist also inside the rotisserie wall socket. They applied various technology t u ensure that these products quality will probably be maintained just like using meats thermometer and timer to make certain the Chooks to Go chicken will be cooked properly in such manner which will be loved by a large number of Filipinos. Using warmer to maintain the products hotness, using high end chemicals in cleaning the merchandise used equipment’s.


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