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In the final times of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln

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A. was adamant that the Confederacy had no legal right to exist.

At the end in the Civil Battle, the number of slaves in the United States was

D. three-and-a-half million.

In 1865, Southern blacks defined “freedom as

C. land change.

In 1865, The southern area of whites identified “freedom since

B. handling their foreseeable future without Northern interference.

The Freedmen’s Bureau

A. distributed food to an incredible number of Southern blacks.

Because Republicans designed for Renovation

B. Foncier sought a range of punishments for white-colored Southerners.

President Abraham Lincoln’s “ten percent plan for the Southern referred to

At the. the number of white voters instructed to take loyalty oaths just before setting up a state government.

The Wade-Davis Expenses

C. required the disenfranchisement of leading Confederates.

The story in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln

A. involved a more substantial conspiracy to kill different members of the administration.

As president, Andrew Johnson

D. offered amnesty to Southerners whom pledged their very own loyalty towards the United States.

In the 1860s, Black Rules were

E. designed to give whites control over freedmen.

The Fourteenth Amendment

C. gave citizenship rights to all people born in the United States.

Race riots in the Southern region during the 1866 elections many helped the political performance of

C. former The southern part of Whigs.

In 1868, Congressional ideas for Reconstruction

D. needed new condition governments inside the South to give voting privileges to dark-colored males.

The Fifteenth Amendment managed the issue of

Electronic. suffrage.

The Tenure of Workplace Act

W. was designed to limit President Andrew Johnson’s specialist.

Because of the Supreme Court’s lording it over in Ex girlfriend or boyfriend parte Milligan, Radical Conservatives

C. recommended abolishing the Court.

In 1868, President Toby Johnson was impeached as they

D. Each of the answers are appropriate.

By the end of President Andrew Johnson’s impeachment trial

E. Manley was able to escape conviction by simply one vote.

During Reconstruction, the word “Scalawags known

A. The southern area of white Republicans.

During Reconstruction, most “carpetbaggers were

D. North white veterans who relocated to the To the south.

During Reconstruction, Southern African-American officeholders

E. underrepresented the total number of blacks living in the South.

During Reconstruction, there were a dramatic improvement in Southern

W. education.

During Renovation, the The southern part of school program

A. eventually reached forty percent of all black children.

During Reconstruction, in relation to land control in the South

E. control by white wines declined whilst ownership simply by blacks elevated.

Dark sharecropping

M. was a common occupation of former slaves.

During Reconstruction, every capita cash flow for Southerners

E. flower for blacks and dropped for white wines.

During Reconstruction, the black work force worked

N. significantly fewer hours than had been the case during slavery.

Following the Civil War, most poor rural Southerners relied about credit coming from

D. nation stores.

In the To the south, the crop-lien system

A. encouraged the planting of money crops.

After the Municipal War, many Southern dark-colored women

C. engaged in income-producing activities.

In 1868, Ulysses S. Grant

C. entered the White Property with no political experience.

All of the subsequent were associated with scandals throughout the Grant government EXCEPT

A. President Ulysses Grant.

The Anxiety of 1873

E. was the nation’s most detrimental economic depression to this time.

During the Grant administration, the usa acquired

A. Alaska.

The The state of alabama claims

W. involved issues by the Us against Britain.

The “redeemed government authorities of the South

A. noticed an end to occupation simply by federal troops.

Congressional passage of the Enforcement Acts in 1870-1871

A. was aimed at lowering white repression of blacks in the Southern.

National support for Reconstruction was undermined simply by

E. Each of the answers are appropriate.

The elections of 1876 found

C. the candidate together with the most well-known votes do not get selected.

Because president, Rutherford B. Hayes

B. guaranteed to serve only one term.

Congressional Reconstruction has been more effective in the event that

E. the federal government had better enforced the laws designed to help blacks.

After Reconstruction, political electricity under The southern part of “Redeemers

A. was frequently restricted and conservative.

Advocates of the “New South

C. offered Southern market and railroad development.

In the Southern region, during the last one fourth of the nineteenth century

A. its discuss of national manufacturing doubled.

During the last quarter from the nineteenth century, Southern agriculture

E. saw the great majority of farmers live under the renter system.

Among his ideas, Booker T. Washington

B. popular industrial over classical education.

In his 1895 “Atlanta Compromise speech, Booker To. Washington

Elizabeth. called for tacit acceptance in the emerging approach to racial segregation.

The Supreme Court docket ruled in Plessy versus. Ferguson (1896) that

C. racial segregation was legal if whites and blacks had similar “accommodations. 

Inside the 1890s, pressure in the Southern region to restrict dark-colored voting legal rights came from

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Jim Crow laws

A. imposed a system of state-supported segregation.

In the 1890s, voting proportions in the To the south

E. lowered for whites and blacks.

In the 1890s, the black reporter Ida B. Wells committed her publishing to assaulting

D. the crime of lynching.

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