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Have you ever ever fulfilled a man thus jolly that you might see “… he was all in a glow… ” and so jolly that his content spirit simply poured off him just like wine into a glass?

Or perhaps, possibly, you may have met a man so poor that his warmth intended for the winter is known as a mere sparkle of a flame on a candlewick? Dickens illustrates through the use of these kinds of characters that it does not matter the amount of money you have got, a person can keep a personality and attributes independent of their financial status. Scrooge’s nephew, Fred, can be described as charismatic child, who, lives each second as though this were his last.

Above all, Fred feels a great deal about Christmas and how it should be celebrated with superb caring heart. Fred requests Scrooge “to dine” with them on christmas morning, but Scrooge explains this individual “… might see him in extremity first. ” This shows the vicious, cold-hearted characteristics of Mr. Scrooge. But for Scrooge’s nephew to keep “… the space without an upset word… ” proves that Fred is a true, charming person that opens his attention to however, most gloomy of people.

While Fred leaves the building and passes simply by Bob Cratchit, the attendant, he “… bestows the greetings of the season within the clerk… ” This picture has a great importance showing, the pleasurable nature of Fred plus the depressing figure of Scrooge. In this same scene, Dickens under-mines the complete reason for the value of James and Joe. Fred, although not as wealthy as Scrooge, still manages to “enjoy his wealth” and be a jolly person. Scrooge can be unbelievably wealthy, and yet this individual does not spend even the smallest amount of his funds to enjoy himself. “What reason have you being merry?

You’re poor enough. ” This shows that Scrooge thinks almost all happiness is usually to do with wealth, however if that were true, he’d be completely happy himself, might he not? It is noticeable, therefore , that Dickens created Fred as another side in the ‘Rich Man’ character we see in Scrooge, the stereotypical miserable rich loner. Bob, in contrast to Fred, is the ‘Poor Man’ and the antithesis of Scrooge in the account. Thus, Dickens created a symbolic character to emulate the bottom classes. He could be treated and so unbelievably cruelly by Scrooge, yet, this individual remains a cheerful guy who enjoys his Christmas.

Without James and Greg, the story would not show that money means nothing regarding happiness. All of us meet James again for his Christmas party, as people place Scrooge down with horrible but vital words to the moral, “His wealth features no use to him. He don’t do any good with it. ” This action helps us to understand that although Scrooge may give pleasure with the wealth his owns, he would not and is miserable.

Fred allows the reader to comprehend, by outlining that Scrooge should not be “despised but pitied”. Fred gently explained to us the first time we met him, Scrooge’s cash does him no good which “his accidents carry their own punishment. ” Fred is nearly the complete opposing of Mr. Scrooge as well as the scene displays how compassionate he is and just how caring they can be.

This is important to the story because it provides Scrooge a chance to redeem him self from the errors he made and reveals us that someone on the globe still cares about him. In addition, it shows us what Scrooge can become, intended for both James and Scrooge come from much the same backgrounds. In the event Fred can enjoy Christmas, for what reason can’t Scrooge?

Although Bob is as opposed to Fred or in other words that they tend not to own the equivalent money, they are really similar when you compare their supportive nature. Bob cares so much for his family that when he is informed his little girl is certainly not coming pertaining to Christmas evening meal, his memorable nature collapses and he has a “sudden declension an excellent source of spirits. ” Also, once Bob offers a toast to “Mr Scrooge” his partner insults Scrooge; Even though Scrooge depreciates Joe, Bob accolades his specialist by standing up for his dignity and demonstrates his loyalty to Scrooge.

This kind of character, like Fred, is caring yet makes the target audience believe that Scrooge is a terrible cold-hearted man and to always be so harmful to these kinds of a joyful man can be inhumane. For this reason at the end of the story we understand that scrooge has changed because he now implies that he can as well care for these characters and this by giving other folks money and caring for his workers, one of the morals of this story can be explicated. This kind of important individuality cannot be overlooked for many in the morals throughout these staves.

The importance of the characters cannot be put on a scale, although I can declare these heroes are essential for the story to advance and without them; such significant messages may not be made. We conclude that, although the names of the heroes may not subject, the overall situations and character types of Fred and Frank, are crucial because that they show that this does not matter the amount of money you have, you may still be content, honour other folks and help to make others completely happy. Fred and Bob are employed by Charles Dickens to show this kind of in opposite to Scrooge.

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