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In any teaching-learning activity, there are major issues that occur and has to be addressed using a lot of concern if the achievement of the learners is to be attained. In any provided learning environment, which narrows down to a school setting, there must be a classroom whereby learning process occurs.

A class consists of quite a number of learners who have are via different ethic groups, different cultures and also different events. This for that reason calls the teacher to comprehend that in every given populace of scholars there are various attributes among the list of learners and so treat every learner according to his or her needs. In working with students with exceptionalities in my classroom, my priority will be id of the aspect that makes this sort of a student become an exceptional college student. In the first place, I am concerned with determining the students who are actually challenged by using observation (Schulte, Villwock, Whichard & Stallings, 2001).

Through close observation, all those students who are visually impaired, hardof reading and those who also are stupid are easily discovered. It is very important to recognize such selection of students given that they have particular needs to be taken care of as opposed to the other normal students. In many learning institutions, these types of students often be forgotten since the relevant learning supports are not presented to all of them. As a result, poor performance by an ready student or possibly a high achiever is experienced and if this persists, the morale from the student declines and it may well even result to dropping away of school.

My physically questioned students need to therefore always be having learning aids including braille if you are visually damaged, hearing aids and translators for those with loss of hearing. (Schulte, Villwock, Whichard & Stallings, 2001). My concern will be upon ensuring that these students are certainly not side layered in any way and that their performance rhymes while using effort that they can put in all their class job. I would too encourage them to often sit in the front whereby I can constantly monitor them and provide the necessary assistance.

There is one other group of outstanding students that have been overlooked in numerous learning establishments. In a classroom of slower learners who are also treated to be outstanding students and low achievers, my concern will be to recognize them through assigning regular exercises and continuous evaluation test. Schulte, Villwock, Whichard & Stallings, 2001). The majority of these students have got lagged at the rear of with great work load to protect, most of that they can never complete.

This then simply leads to failure and lack of self esteem between these students. I would talk about in full, just about every question that they can ask including their rate, give them remedial hours and even more exercises so that they can perfect with them at their own time. This specific group of learners needs a large amount of encouragement since they may take a quite a lot of time before seeing that they are gradual learners. Addititionally there is another outstanding group of pupils referred to as the high achievers or the gifted students. These are the students who have are highly established to know almost everything and understand everything taught in class very fast.

They might also at times problem the teacher with questions. These particular pupils should be encouraged by assigning them much involving tasks that will seek to keep them occupied. This destroys the apathy that they may experience if the teacher tries to assist the other students.

They should be helped to set their particular realistic desired goals in their lives and also in ways of achieving them.

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