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A. Introduction The global technological and scientific environment today withstands the phenomenal rate of growth of information technology. Every single nation is concerned on the international trend in technology, going after studies to keep their global competitiveness. While computer is in hand, and it is a decisive evidence of advancement in research and technology; it is a process to maximize its purpose, mostly in learning.

Computers have made this kind of enormous impact on our contemporary society today. There isn’t a place where you can develop into without computer. Computer, along with the connection to the net is such a valuable thing pertaining to college students. Computer system is a pre-reglable machine that may perform calculations including several arithmetic operations or logic operations, devoid of intervention by human user during manage. But then, pc is here not to replace individual skills away rather to relieve the burden of operate and grow the learning ecart of learners.

The two principal characteristics of your computer will be: it responds to a specific set of recommendations in a clear manner and it can execute a pre-recorded list of guidelines (a program). B. Assertion of the Problem The advocates observed the factors which may affect the learning capabilities of students. For this reason, the supporters would like to answer the following queries: 1 . Did computer will help or impacts the learning capabilities of college students? 3. Exactly what are the positive and negative effects of computers that could affect the learning abilities in the students? 5. What are the impacts of such technological advancement for the learning method among learners?

5. What actions would the parents carry out, knowing that there are lots of advantages and disadvantages of using technology that are meant to lessen the complex function of person? C. Targets of the Analyze Generally, this study should know how computer system helps or perhaps affects the training capabilities from the students. Particularly, this examine aims: 1 . Know what computers and Net do to the studies of the college students. installment payments on your Lessen the hazards of computer system misuse and also to uphold the correct utilization of this.

3. Determine the positive and negative effects of computers. 5. Persuade the parents to set limits and consider actions on the children in using such technologies. Deb. Significance of the Study This kind of study will considerably always be significant to the students, supporters, parents and future analysts because this can help them to identify the advantages and drawbacks of the personal computers and this will also help as a baseline data for the similar research. This analyze will be able to support students identify factors that may affect their particular performance and on how to improve their knowledge and skills since college students through the use of such said technologies devoid of causing complications with their research.

The proponents will be as well benefited with this study as this will improve all their abilities and expose those to different benefits and drawbacks of this so that they will be able to understand how to handle or perhaps face this kind of situation. For the parents, they shall be able to understand to what are the factors that affect or help youngsters and they will also identify what to limit or perhaps what to motivate to their children in making use of the said technological advancement inside or outside of the academe. This will help to the future research workers to identify the huge benefits and disadvantages of the computers and this will also make them as a base data pertaining to the related studies.

E. Scope and Delimitation This kind of study is targeted on the damage or help done by the pc and Net. The purpose of this kind of study is always to know how it affects or helps the scholars in their academics learning. The researchers deemed working on this study to learn if the chosen students had been helped or perhaps affected by the said massive technological progression and to guideline them with the correct utilization of the said technology. E. Definition of Terms Computer.

An electronic system which is capable of receiving information (data) in a particular form along with performing a sequence of functions in accordance with a predetermined yet variable pair of procedural instructions (program) to produce a result in the type of information or signals. Computer Software. Programs, techniques, rules and any linked documentation associated with the procedure of a computer system.

E-mail. Communication, typically text, sent via telephone lines and modems from one personal computer to another, or a commercial network or Email-based service that stores the sender’s message until the audience comes to get it. Information Technology.

The acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of numerous types info via computers and telecoms.

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