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The education system world wide have been vying to raise the quality of education as mirrored in the volumes of prints of analysis regarding quality education and teacher efficiency. In the lumination of the quick advancement of technology, even more research attention has been given to the integration info and computer technology (ICT) while using educational design and program. It has been included for since computers had been invented, on the other hand because of the fast rate through which modernization takes place, the ministries of education for every country must be capable of cope up simply by intensifying the pace degree of the usage while maintaining quality content and instruction too.

In present Saudi Arabia, the application of satellite technology had been the focused concern because of its probability of elevate the standard of teaching and learning whatsoever levels (Al-Sharhan 2000). Research have shown Aussie states being a model for the significant backlinks communication systems provide for learners across the region to interact and add useful substance with their learning (Al-Sharhan 2000). The potential of such satellite tv communication fresh instated in Saudi Arabia as well as its uses for educational purpose is yet a place to be learned and researched because of the decreased equipment, repair and operational cause that this technological improvement provides (Al-Sharhan 2000).

However , the education program in Saudi Arabia must be prepared by properly installing their instructors, their programs, and their pupils for the changes that would arise as the operation from the satellite connection are full-blown. The important focus of this supervision plan is always to introduce ICT and combine it in to the method of top quality teaching and learning to the very best degree conceivable. In ten years time the fantastic need to close the performance gap between schools and colleges in terms of achieving the goals of a top notch high quality education would be eliminated if not really it would totally minimal in comparison to the global commanders in education (Kelly 2001).

The current position of the education system defined by limited technology. Research are still ongoing into the way the satellites can be utilised however , at present; there are still not any clear conditions in just how it must be employed before this kind of quality instructing and learning framework. Planning for improvement should be based upon the baseline or maybe the initial audit of the institution and college to include the opinions in the parents, the students, and the staff as the starting point pertaining to quality supervision (Kelly 2001).

Considerations has to be a unified expected result, the welfare of the inner customers, the important thing persons responsible for implementation and task assignments and a quick way to assess and evaluate the success of the program (Kelly 2001). Overview There must be a close consideration for this content and educational style for the integration of ICT into the program and into the classroom teaching (Naidu 2003). Content refers to the information or in the circumstance of the ICT integration, electronic information the students can have as scholars (Naidu 2003).

Educational style refers to the processes that the teachers would utilization in planning and providing the training for the scholars (Naidu 2003). The faculty needs to be ready and well guided for the mixing of the technology. As the technique of training would be enhanced and refreshed, the instructing quality must be improved too and not be forgotten in the excitement to get advanced technology (Fraser 2004). Regulatory and quality assurance would be elevated, however there would be a move from a managerial system to an academics accountability system for the teachers inside the college because they have more independence as well as responsibility when their very own methods for instructions grows wider (Fraser 2004).

The improved emphasis on top quality and liability would be a response to the changes the colleges and universities could have with a difference in their material conditions because the satellite television technology turn into fully available and utilized in education (Fraser 2004). Because so many teachers prefer the traditional systems, they must be aware that every instrument that would provided has a thing unique and valuable to provide (Clark ainsi que al. 2003).

Technology can easily enrich any kind of course subject matter in ways the standard method are unable to (Clark ain al. 2003). In terms of analysis such ICT programs, a web-based assessment reflects the continuum of assessment types because of their nature of improvement (Naidu 2003). Traditional tests were recognized to lack a number and autonomy as well as pupil choice, they were also with a lack of work-based application and project-based learning along with limited expert and self-assessment strategies (Naidu 2003). ICT-based assessments can be introduced with this plan to be able to evaluate the top quality of an ICT-integrated education program.

Satellite sales and marketing communications are used for several applications which could both be used for educational purposes; is for remote control sensing, taking photos and taking scientific info and the other for telecommunication purposes (Al-Sharhan 2000). Their very own difference in purpose may point to distinct themes and school activities by which they will be used. The phone link would be one of the most important contributions this kind of satellite technology can have for the schools of Arab saudi (Al-Sharhan 2000). Theoretical Foundations Expected End result Teachers. The computer and all the advantages it can give have been enormously changing the perception pertaining to teaching instruction (Nicholls 2002).

The targets have become higher in terms of tutor preparation and delivery regarding quality education (Nicholls 2002). The professors can not be one way or the other when it comes to technology; most of the time, several either ignore technology because of the lack of trust and know-how or use them because of familiarity (Nicholls 2002). The rendering of this plan would permit the teachers to be confident with teaching with technology.

Within just ten years, employees would become so acquainted with ICT that this would be the fresh normalcy in terms of quality education. The height of normal for the Saudi Arabia colleges would indicate that not only some subjects would make use of this kind of ICT-based curriculum, but it is a requirement for every single subject study course and teacher. The teachers would be the kinds introducing scientific advancement with their students with their methods and in turn the students can be equipped to work with them as a result of such teaching. Students.

The satellite technology would be able to accommodate a large number of pupils simultaneously and also an extended physical area (Al-Sharhan 2000). A lot of the students are usually more IT literate and expect technology to become used for educating by the teachers (Nicholls 2002). The instructors, who are well-equipped in operating technology, would be able to customize their activities to fit the needs in the students. That encourages the students to go past the address to broaden their learning and to carry out self-directed examine (Nicholls 2002). The school may have web-affiliated discussion community forums, electronic e-mail lists that improve student contribution and personalized learning (Nichols 2002).

The training System. The mixing of ICT and the use of satellite technology can be possibility of elevating the standard of the education system in developing countries to conquer specific problems such as loosing high quality instructors due to emigration to other countries, deficit of physical tools and components in many colleges (Al-Sharhan 2000). The battle against high adult literacy can also be struggled better given the Open up University potential for online learning (Al-Sharhan 2000).

It also provides the solution intended for segregating male and female learners that would be tough in physical classrooms nevertheless would be likely with on the web classrooms that could give more educational for you to women than previously (Al-Sharhan 2000).

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