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Since the Vice President of the Product sales, it is his responsibility to start with to handle revenue management management and sales compensation program according to David J. Cichelli (p. 38) rather than the products offered in the market. Consequently , it is inappropriate for a fresh Vice-President of Sales to discuss defective hammers before a CEO conference especially that he is unacquainted with the ethical guidelines staying practiced by organization. In such a case, he has to take extra care to talk about the matter for the group with out appearing discourteous or impolite.

In the first place, the newly appointed CEO (Vice President of Sales) has the idea of conversing the concept of client satisfaction that is essential in the growth of sales as well as important in the role since sales management leader to supply the utmost satisfaction. He also wants to ensure that collaboration amongst members from the team can be practiced as he assumes his duty within the CEO crew. Evaluating the scenario, he has to check into several paths and prepare materials to support his discussion.

First, this individual has to assessment the policies of the firm as well as a survey on customer comments of the product conducted recently, from in which he will base his debate. Any information regarding the company’s structure, ethical guidelines, and procedures can help him condition his evaluation and proposal to redirect the company’s concept of client satisfaction. Tactfully, he may present the condition as part of his initial report using the SWOT analysis from there he may start actions important to the growth of sales. SWOT analysis relating to Robert Price is attractive the analysis of the external environment and internal situation to see the entire scenario in the problem (p. 104).

Second, he may recommend innovation in the product to be introduced being a new model through which the consumer may perceive the product having good quality that will solve critical customer problem (Rafinejad, p. 208). Merchandise innovation needs to be carefully organized to attain the very best improvement with the product mainly because as Rafinejad stated, too many revisions to a item are bothersome to customers’ business procedure and produce confusion (ibid). Third, the organization may alert the public by using a well-developed notification plan which can includes customers’ reaction to the planned changed (Rafinejad, l. 210).

As soon as the customers’ wishes finally proven, a formal modify notification will take place; this requires e-mail notice, advertising, and other public regards tasks. The need for strong perception of organization ethics seated on customer satisfaction must also become emphasized. This kind of generally requires internal efficiency. Bjorn Andersen stated that business integrity has a strong motivational effect that could spur individuals and indeed whole organization to unheard-of highs of performance (p.

7). This creates basically a genuine sense of dedication on the part of the employees in the delivery of goods to the consumers. To realize this goal, the corporation has to give new meaning to corporate culture and restructure the organization in such a way that supports the purpose of the company included in the innovation method. Redefinition involves identifying corporate and business social responsibility approach with hands on business practices through transformation process on the procedure level. Andersen mentioned which the process involves policy establishing, overall graphic creation, and pointing out path for the organization’s ethics endeavor (p.

28). To aid the project, the company has to evaluate the structure in a manner that accountability to achieve your goals and/or dropping is determined. Likewise, certain organization activities should be redirected through assigning business ethics program. Linda K. Trevino and Gary L. Weaver advised to formalize company values and expectations in which multiple elements must look into such as dedicated personnel, supporting constructions and guidelines, and considerable employee involvement (p.

91). Conclusion: The newest Vice President of Sales along with his expertise in neuro-scientific business may possibly share his knowledge that can help the business increase. The faulty wrenches could cause the business to fall because of customer grievances that are not dealt with properly. Determining tasks that could save the image of the company will be recognized through pursuits for change in products and corporate ethics. This will likely be done by way of undertaking ideal planning based upon research that may include adapting new guidelines for the business.

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