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Not one of the people on the ranch include freedom, and freedom was what George and Lennie wanted.

Thieves, Candy and Lennie happen to be victims, Thieves because of his back, where a horse acquired kicked him, Candy due to his hands, which this individual lost on the ranch, though he acquired two hundred and fifty dollars in compensation and Lennie is a sufferer because of his lack of understanding. The main dream in the book Of Mice and Men is definitely George and Lennie’s fantasy. Their fantasy is to have their own land where they may grow what ever they just like, and to possess a variety of pets or animals, and Lennie will get to look after the rabbits, if he behaves very well. The rabbits are all this individual talks and thinks about the perfect property and the rabbits that he will probably look after in the event that he reacts himself.

Don’t you think of nothing but rabbits? The land will probably be ten massive areas, have a windmill, just a little shack and chicken manage. It will have a kitchen and plenty of meals and normal water. They will build a smoke property where they may smoke the bacon, the ham, as well as the sausages. They’ll kill a pig or perhaps rabbit every single Sunday.

They’ll can fruits. They’ll as well sell eggs and milk. They want to always be answerable to nobody, to have freedom and stay independent. As well, like Lennie says having a lot of excitement, An` live off the qualit? the lan` This is ideal that George believes will not likely come true, (but he goes on as though the dream will come true to appeal Lennie to behave him self. ) because they don’t have the money and Lennie is actually getting in some type of trouble and then, they have to run away. This individual doesn’t indicate to do any kind of harm.

All the time he done awful things although he never done one of ’em mean Soon Sweets gets to find out about their desire, and this may be the only area of the book wherever it seems that the dream is merely around the corner. With Candy’s three hundred and 60 bucks and George’s and Lennie’s fifty bucks each coming towards the end of the month, which makes a total of four hundred and fifty bucks, George says he could golf swing the owners for that because the lady demands an operation. George has a dream of his own which is a existence without Lennie.

If he didn’t have got Lennie with him constantly, When I believe of the outstanding time I can have with out you, My spouse and i go nut products. I under no circumstances get simply no peace. If he also didn’t have Lennie on his tail’ all the time, he could maybe even have a girl. This kind of dream really does come true towards the end, but George had to get rid of Lennie or perhaps Curley could have come and killed Lennie himself. George learnt from Candy’s mistake of allowing someone else get rid of his doggie, so this individual killed Lennie himself ensuring that the gunshot would not offer Lennie virtually any pain.

Lennie’s life is ended, also with the dream as Lennie and George happen to be talking about the dream until Lennie is killed like an animal. Candy’s fantasy was to become happy. The sole time he was really happy was when he was a kid.

Candy does not have any other family members, so this individual thought he’d be completely happy living with George and Lennie. Candy is heartbroken when he finds out that Lennie features killed Curley’s wife. Sweets knows that all their dream are not able to come true at this point, because Lennie was portion of the dream and now he is deceased. Also, the moment Candy’s doggie was shot, Candy covered his eyes with his adjustable rate mortgage.

Old Chocolate lay down inside the hay and covered his eyes along with his arm. And this was what he did once his wish was broken. We do not know very well what happened to Candy or perhaps George following Lennie was killed, because the story ended there, so the death of Curley’s partner ended two dreams, however the death of Lennie produced George’s second dream come true.

Although he didn’t like killing Lennie, he didn’t desire to let somebody else kill him. I suppose George thought it was the very last straw if he could be killing unknowingly, he could kill once again. They wasn’t able to keep jogging from everything he do wrong. He would get caught some day, and be wiped out.

Curley’s desire was to end up being big just like Lennie and this is why Curley selected a fight with Lennie and he misplaced. He didn’t give Lennie a chance to display him that he was not really against him, but straight away headed pertaining to Lennie and started asking him questions. George experienced told him not to speak, so this individual didn’t solution.

Curley really got furious. George answered for him and this individual answered, An’ you won’t let the big guy discuss, is that this? ‘ He wants to always be big and tall. He picks combats with any person that is bigger, in a way better than him. He only offers respect for Slim; we know this because he listened to Thin. I believe you got your han’ caught in a machine.

This individual knows what really occurred. He didn’t want to get laughed at possibly, so this individual listened and obeyed Slim’s instruction. But you jus’ tell an’ try to get this person canned and we’ll notify ever’ physique, an’ then simply will you get the laugh. Curley opted for this statement, otherwise he may be chuckled at pertaining to starting the fight then losing this.

Even though Curley’s hand was totally ruined, and Lennie got a number of bruises and cuts no person got in just about any more problems. When his wife was killed having been really upset. Not mad for shedding a loved one. Having been mad by Lennie to get killing her, and instead to stay with his partner, he rushed off to look for Lennie also to kill him. We observe that although Curley was extremely protective over his partner, he didn’t show any interest in her, and revealed no indications of love.

Nobody liked Curley, not even his wife. Curley’s wife was an outcast, because the girl with the only female on the hacienda and wore a lot of red. We are able to sense she is heading for difficulty, because of the method she flirted with all the guys on the ranch. Red lip stick and reddish colored finger toenails shows a sign of risk. Curley’s wife’s dream was to become a movie star, and have great clothes.

This kind of dream simply came about because; some dude had declared she was a natural. this guy says I was a natural Her dream was shattered since she didn’t receive a page, this guy had promised to deliver to her. In respect to her, the lady thought her mother experienced thrown this away. We have the feeling that he didn’t actually give the notification. She really thought that her mother had thrown that away and only for vengeance, she got married to Curley.

She didn’t love Curley, nor also liked him. She’s not really interested in Curley and Curley has no desire for her, nevertheless she is usually looking for him, as an excuse, to talk to different guys. The other men think she’s a tart, and is jail bait’.

Crooks has a wish, which is when he was a small child this individual remembered he previously two brothers and they used to do everything jointly. His desire is to be back with his family members. I keep in mind when I was obviously a little child on my old man’s chicken breast ranch. He started to be negatively negative.

He doesn’t believe lifestyle will get much better and he thinks that people always behave selfishly or perhaps dishonestly. Thieves is lonely and the merely one who has respect for him is Thin. When he was small this individual used to play with people that weren’t black and this will upset his father.

He didn’t discover why until he was older. People called him a nigger and he is the only dark-colored person on the ranch. If he was a kid, his relatives was the simply black friends and family for miles. Crooks got no various other dreams; this individual just wanted good friends that won’t criticize him, because of his colour.

None of the dreams came authentic, and are almost all crushed and shattered, since George’s wish didn’t show that he didn’t want Lennie at all, this individual wanted him, but not constantly. Lennie needed to be killed which ends another two dreams. Candy’s desire was to take part in George and Lennie’s wish, but as Lennie was killed, his wish also disappeared. Curley’s fantasy was to become big as he’s a grown guy he won’t grow any longer. Crook’s desire is to be back again with his family members, but it can be impossible to go back in time.

Curley’s wife can be dead which will ends an additional dream. We come across that Steve Steinbeck didn’t make anybody’s dream come true. Anjana Patel The english language coursework next January 2001

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