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In this regard, the documentation should include the four main evaluation components; which can be, nutrition, injury etiology, wound appearance and pain (Assessment and Records Issues in Wound Care).

In other words a careful crafted as well as visual record must be kept of all the possible elements and parameters relating to the patient’s condition and to the progression or otherwise of the process of recovery.

There are two further causes that are crucial to note with regard to the issue of documents. These are, first of all, that complete documentation serves as a legal record of the quality of proper care and injury management; and secondly, in addition, it provides priceless information relating to the environment and surroundings that impact the healing process. As one study paperwork, “. we certainly have seen the environment in the patient could cause profound difficulties in wound healing. Discovering and understanding these co-morbidities will help you generate important affluence and gain more reasonable expectations intended for the curing process”(Assessment and Documentation Issues in Wound Care). This view likewise refers to the broader plus more holistic look at of breastfeeding that has become a predominant characteristic of the occupation in recent years.


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