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1 . history: The first company bearing the corporate identity was founded in 1919 by Isaac Carasso, a Spanish physician of Greek origins, in Barcelona. In 1923, he came up with a unique treatment for sufferer with a problem with digestion and he developed an item that he given away though medical stores and medication stores, and which shortly became a major success-yoghurt. Our factory was called Danone, a Catalan diminutive of the identity of his first son, Daniel Carasso. Ten years later, the company transferred from The country of spain to neighboring France and the first France factory was built.

In 1949, the yoghurt was firstly grouped together in a goblet can. In 1951, this glass deal replaced the porcelain may which was employed before and because of this replace the yoghurt became more popular and intensely common in diary healthy and balanced alimentation. In 1968, Danone was firstly announced in TV. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njZNtHoM6ZQ Some years later, they extended their very own brand simply by producing petit suise (1972), Natillas (1974) and also the 1st nonfat (1985). In 1988, Danone commercialized Bio Yoghurt, which will nowadays assists us with digestive issues. In 1992, Danone was the main bring in of the Barcelona 92 Olympics which added more popularity to the organization.

One year afterwards, Danone Company was born. The goal of this company is to improve the citizen nourishment habits. In 1995, Danone continued increasing its brand by incorporating Actimel, which intended a revolution inside the alimentary community due to its reason for defense.

In 1998, Danone was the official sponsor of England football globe championship. a couple of years later, that they create the required website of Danone: www.Danone.es. In 2005, Danone commercialized Danacol, an item which purpose is to reduce cholesterol in a simple and successful way. Danone launched a plan in order to inspire families to lead a healthy lifestyle: Danone Family.

In 2006, Danone started creating soya yoghurts 100 % vegetal. DANONE NOWADAYS Seeing that 1998, Groupe eponyme DANONE have been organised in three organization divisions worldwide which, in 2004, displayed more than 97% of its consolidated product sales: Fresh Dairy food which organizations together yoghurts, desserts and infant foods represent about 50% from the Groupe’s consolidated sales, Beverages, essentially manufactured water, which represent regarding 25% of consolidated revenue and Cookies and Food products, which usually represent regarding 22% of consolidated sales.

The power generators of this backed growth happen to be: a strong health/ well-being setting, at the heart of concerns of shoppers and fresh consumption options (times or places) with the dynamism from the growth of emerging countries. This kind of focus on several dynamic categories allows the organization to have a identifying strategic asset at its fingertips to continue to show off a growth price that is greater than the average in the sector. Today nearly 31% of the company’s sales are on emerging marketplaces. This delivers Danone near to its goal, which is to perform 40% of business about emerging markets and 60 per cent in created countries a balanced existence that means that they benefit from the two high potential of growing economies plus the steady demand of older markets.

Recently, Group DANONE has built up strong positions on appearing markets for taking the number-one place in each of their three core businesses. This effective international development rewards a technique focusing on a restricted number of countries, selected because of their growth potential, where Danone has the size to achieve significant economies of scale. Items within the reach of most consumers, high-profile brands, and powerful, wide-ranging syndication for revenue close to people are the essential pieces of our version for lucrative growth on emerging marketplaces, which we all sum up as affordability, consciousness and supply.

In Western Europe, also, Group DANONE can look forward to continued, constant growth, building on talents that include well-established positions. Community leadership constructed on local strength In each of its business lines Danone is a world leader, which gives it a clear competitive advantage when it comes to marketing competence, industrial productivity, breadth of product varies and R&D.

And in every case, community leadership is created on strong number one positions on community markets, enabling the company to forge equally close connections to customers and well-balanced, long-term relationships with significant retailers., unmatched familiarity with local consumers, and a recognized convenience of effective creativity http://www.danone.com/en/company/global-presence.html -Strengths- In this portion of the SWOT evaluation we will focus on the strengths in the company. 5. Brand dedication Danone disposes of an excellent qualifications which, combined with the consumer’s product perception produces this brand loyalty which allows the need to be inelastic.

Therefore Danone guarantees their sells stableness. (falta rollo) * Development thanks to Danone Institute, this business is able to invest on a regular basis, in R&D, obtaining from it new product lines which fulfill consumer’s needs. 2. Distribution stations Since the beginnings Danone gets to daily almost every supermarket atlanta divorce attorneys corner on the planet thanks to their perfectly adapted transportation program which maintains all the products clean and ready to be consumed. * Danone has a perfect flow of information inside the company. Data travels flawlessly, up and down the hierarchical pyramid. Departments include coordination guidelines in order to take those maximum income of their solutions.

This idea gives a chance to creativity and allows to improve current product lines as well as to launch new ones. -Weaknesses- * Danone depends basically on daily products. We consider that if the organization really wants to keep growing and becoming one of the multinational frontrunners, it should diversify its salary sources. 2. A main difficulty Danone features, when willing to grow simply by exporting away from EU is that its products are fresh and with a brief caducity period. Therefore , if the company wants to take great positioning in foreign markets, it must buy new establishments.

Another option should be to create new product ranges of non-refrigerated yogurts which caducity periods are longer. -Opportunities- Danone Vitalinea has a good presence inside the fat free of charge yoghurt market. Its 56% market share gives Danone a chance to invest in R&D in order to release to the industry new body fat free companies sell those to the same consumers. Taking advantage of the increasing personal image concern, Vitalinea must be one of the strongest ranges of Danone Yoghurts, in order to correctly supply the important demand. A lot of segments of the population are generally not a concentrate on for Danone, and this should certainly change.

Danone should be a manufacturer that customers would get every time they go to the shop. Danone could be a brand that every family really should have at home. The way to achieve it is to differentiate its products by offering particular flavours and innovative possibilities. The consumer must know that Danone is the only brand which could offer the even more specialized products, without forgetting about overall health, quality and price. -Threats- Danone Vitalinea is facing a market where too many goods are offered to the different costumers. As we know, Danone Vitalinea contains a 56% yoghurt market share, although competitors truly fight for the others 44%.

Danone offers quality products with high prices and competition offer lower prices for the same sort of products. Therefore the consumer will get a big added value when deciding to buy a Danone product. The foreign exchange market is plenty of brought in products from a different nation that accomplish with health and quality specifications that Danone offers.

The critical stage is that they provide it at a lower price and if customers decide to modify Danone another cheaper imported brand plus they like it, Danone will definitely loose these consumers.

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