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Kung Fu Shoes or boots: An Opportunity Down Under

There is a good and growing Australian connection with China, as travel and trade between two countries continues to grow for a rapid tempo and equally domestic financial systems are growing. Along with the embrace commerce and communication between Australia and China, there’s necessarily recently been an increase in how much cultural transfer, from sagesse and tips to activities and hobbies. One of many hobbies that Australians are picking up through the Chinese in a increasing tempo, though the one that has been in least on the peripheries of Australian tradition as it has with greater “Western” culture for some time. While the kung fu fad in Australia increases, it offers fresh opportunities to suppliers and merchants in taking a variety of items to market that can hardly had been profitable before. The following sentences provide a quick marketing description and analysis of taking one particular product, kung fu-oriented boots – for the Australian market.

Clearly, the complete market segment is Australian kung fu enthusiasts. There are many segments through this larger part that can be particularly identified, even so. The largest segment of the Australian population simply by age is definitely the 20-30 category, so this could be the most appealing age group to pay attention to in this project (ABS, 2012). This group can be additional subdivided in to avid enthusiasts (first priority), beginners (second-highest priority), and casual lovers (third priority). After this, older individuals practicing kung fu primarily to get health reasons will make up the fourth-priority market segment as they are also significant represented in the Australian human population, and teenagers will signify a 5th market segment (ABS, 2012).

The average adult working full-time in Australia earns a little over $1, 300AUD per week, departing a substantial amount of expendable income (ABS, 2012a). Nevertheless it can be presumed that the crucial demographic centered on in this effort will be a bit lower on average given that they are younger members from the workforce, there is certainly still likely as a fair quantity of free time and expendable income for folks in this demographics. The target grow older segment is usually fairly divided in terms of gender, though you will find slightly more guys; given the size of the activity and trends in other countries regarding kung fu this will be a plus to the recommended endeavor (ABS, 2012; SGFI, 2008). Skilled or enthusiastic enthusiasts of kung fu, as the primary demographic, will probably be expected to demand high-quality shoes and boots and yet be savvy consumers, and so a balance between quality and price must be struck to this particular market segment and be sure the most advantageous entrance possible.

The total age demographic recognized is approximately 3 million, nevertheless of course only some or even a most these will be kung venne

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