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For the author, death in its simplest term is stupid and weak. Loss of life is useless, that every period it completes its job it often misses which only adds on misery and pain intended for man. Loss of life is recognized to be horrible and failing showing almost all of its weak points in every make an attempt to fulfill the work even with man’s personal intervention.

The idea isn’t sufficiently strong, to swat a take flight from the air”

Ill will won’t help

And even the lending hands with battles and coup de etat is so far not enough”

It continue to cannot slow down the overall children of existence because each time it does it only fails and your life still continues to dominate. The creativity of person to deter death made it reduce its trustworthiness in modern times. Based on the poem, there have many instances that the occurrence of fatality has compared the all-natural flow as well as its important nature.

Fatality, always happens by the very moment to late”

Inside my own point-of-view, the perception of loss of life by both equally authors only insinuates the beliefs and influences of their own respective time. In Death Be Certainly not Proud, as being a literary operate the early 17th century displays the spiritual persuasion on this period. It should be important to be aware that in this point in time all philosophy with regards to existence and loss of life falls in reference point with man’s faith in the religion which in turn regards fatality as an inevitable component to life and being mortal. Though various among the present day Christians and believers of the Divine Charité still relation death while an upcoming event in which they expect an optimistic end result after fatality, in contemporary times death is regarded as a hindrance for all the things that are to be planned by man. With this age wherein life is a precious asset that is considered and considered cared of by man, death is often a matter or perhaps an event that needs to be avoided. Together with man’s newly discovered knowledge through this era, science has been a key factor in preventing death to visit man in as much afterwards time conceivable. Man’s ongoing quest for immortality justifies the criticism by Wislawa Szymborska on fatality.

On Fatality, without Exaggeration ironically burlesque the event of death in a sarcastic manner only to display that in the current modern period, death is definitely not in the natural course and is an obstacle for human beings. However contrary in beliefs and notion, there is merely one thing selected in equally poems, that death is the end of life and it is definitely inescapable.


Death Be Not really Proud, the Holy Sonnets, John Donnes, v. five, 10, 15; Extracted August 11, 2006

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