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Medication Use in Adolescents

The author with this report have been charged with writing a brief scholarly statement with a few crucial components. Mcdougal of this statement has been asked to select a topic of interest. That selected theme shall be compound and substance abuse in adolescents. As part of this kind of scholarly survey, there will be 3 major components. The first will be a explanation of the specialized niche and for what reason the author with this report can be interested in it. Second, there will be a brief literary works review with scholarly sources that cover that same topic. Finally, it will have a reflection and reaction to the literature review including if there was contract, how the author of this survey perceives the involved paradigm(s) and so forth. Even though many kids enough time pitfalls and negative final results of medicine use and abuse, many fall victim sometimes or many times and the results can be very tragic and damaging.


The author of the report selected substance abuse in adolescents because it is a problem that is certainly becoming ever-increasing and broadly damaging in its scopes and its overall effects. Indeed, you can include substances that are occasionally legal (e. g. alcohol, marijuana, and so forth ) and other substances which might be always regarded illicit (e. g. heroin, crack, etc . ). There is also the rising use and abuse of prescription products of particular types just like certain cough medicines, pain relievers, anxiety medications and so forth. The author of this record has seized on this theme because it is becoming more and more of an crisis and the activity’s common comorbidity with psychological and other challenges is quite pervasive when it comes to talking of youths which might be incarcerated or experiencing life distress.

The first source consulted just for this literature assessment was made available from Jaynes (2014) and this centers on the usage of Cultural Disorganization theory when it comes to educators and how they can prevent drug use and abuse between teenagers. Jaynes notes that drug utilization in teenagers triggers a ton of adverse outcomes which includes interpersonal problems, familial problems and issues with levels and educational achievement. While teachers and other educators can only do so very much when it comes to stopping teenage medicine use, they may be certainly a cog inside the machine and in addition they can be involved per the text of Jaynes (Jaynes, 2014). Earlier in this document, the author of this report made an allusion that drug make use of and mental problems are quite often co-existing and co-aggravating in certain people. In other words, a person that violations drugs will usually end up going through psychological concerns and the same can happen in reverse. Of course , various drugs positively cause mental problems and episodes such as alcohol drunkenness and becoming high on prescription pills that are intentionally taken to excess. Santisteban et ing.

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