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Smoking In public areas, Restaurant Management, Osha, Lung Cancer

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Refutation of Counterargument:

Adam Repace, is a former senior science policy analyst who have worked with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety Health

Government (OSHA) pertaining to 19 years and as an investigation physicist with the Naval Research

Laboratory for 11 years. According to Repace, OSHA first suggested regulating old smoke being a workplace danger after determining that it induced as many as 18, 000 staff member deaths yearly, far exceeding any other dangerous hazard to workers.

Subsequently, the National Cancer Start endorsed a proposal by the A bunch of states EPA

that passive smoking cigarettes caused as many as 65, 1000 deaths a year in the United States coming from heart disease and lung malignancy alone (Repace, 2004).

Furthermore, while nobody is required to function (or to eat) in just about any particular restaurant, there is no justification for needing non-smokers to select from taking a specific job and eating at a restaurant or disclosing themselves to second-hand smoke. In principle, non-smoking restaurant workers should never have to choose between acknowledging a job present at the expenditure of their overall health or rejecting it and nonsmokers in public places should not must be exposed to medical risks that others choose to take without their very own consent.


The fact that second-hand smoke is harmful is no longer showcased and the hazards involved are more serious than many other types of contaminants that we regulate very strictly to protect public well-being, safety, and welfare. In the event anything, the available advice about the consequences of smoking (both first and second hand), suggest that the true question is actually smoking must be permitted everywhere outside of non-public property and whether cigarette smokers should be placed more in charge of paying for a greater share of healthcare costs attributable to their particular choice to ignore the recommendations of medical authorities and government agencies in charge of protecting human health.


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