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No doubt that transport will get fresh electric vehicles in the future, but there are some areas which will be influenced. Electric vehicles impacts the surroundings, economy, and electrical devices to a agreat extent. Right now adays EVs are well-liked as these fulfill the demands of their customers although at the same time there are some problems also. Below determine illustrate the impacts on the power grid, economy and environment.

Negative Impacts

EVs impacts the energy distribution program directly. A Nissan Leaf (24KWh electric battery pack) ingest electricity which is similar to need for a single European household. Even the current demand of electricity have been raised by 7% (From 17% to 25%). The problem will become out of control when the charging will be started out at the top time, beacuse this will put more insert on the power grid. Due to this process there will be shortage of energy, instability, reliability will probably be decreased and ultimately quality of power will be degraded.

In order to avoid this, charging should be done when required and it must be after midnight when demand of electrical power is low. In this way there will be proper equilibrium of electric power between optimum hours along with peak hours and load for the grid will probably be decreased.

Great impacts

Talking about the positive side, a new concept gave with EV and that is V2G (Vehicle to Grid). From this process ELECTRONIC VEHICLES can provide capacity to grid, therefore vehicles work as loads during drawing energy. Even, EVs are the source of power during maximum time. EVs act as a dynamicloads because power flows in it are bidirectional and unidirectional. EVs possess energy storages which are not really used for number of years, so in the time power shortage, it will be beneficial. Furthermore, research reveals that vehicles stay parked 95% of the time[17]. So , EVs are become virtual electrical power plant(VPP).

Impact on environment

The major element which incresed the EVs popularity is always to reduce green house gas emissions. Internal burning engine automobiles burn fuels directly and lead to create some hazardous gases including carbon dioxide and carbomn monoxide. No concerns that some EVs(HEVs and PHEVs) possess IC engine but release value is low. Nevertheless there are some hypotheses which declares that eneergy consumed by EVs may give rise to GHG emissions from power plants. The reason is , of more load upon grid due to EVs. Nevertheless the plus point is that sound pollution have been reduced.

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