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1) Certainly, I agree with Emmanuel Margen. It is said that the man’s really worth is assessed by just how much he helped others to help relieve their problems, and served with empathy for the well-being with the majority. But first, he must maintain his sincerity and self esteem before they can serve his fellow man. As Kant stated, individual who transgresses against himself reduction his masculinity and becomes incapable of carrying out his duty towards his fellows.

The main duty to us is a preservation of one’s life and pride. 2) Yes. Certainly, suicide is definitely abominable. And Kant’s quarrels against committing suicide are very persuasive and tenable.

We, because human beings, happen to be vested while using gift of willpower, the freedom to choose items that make us happy and contented. It will be a squander if this kind of willpower is employed as a means to destroy one’s very lifestyle. Suicide defeats the purpose of the particular us individual, that is to serve others and dignify one’s lifestyle. 3) In this instance, the Congressman misplaced his self-worth in two ways; one, by accepting entice, and the second by being drunk. Because a man’s worth through doing his moral responsibility to himself and others, this duty would not be gained because he transgresses against him self.

Kant noticed that this individual who transgresses against himself loses his manliness and turn incapable of doing his duty towards his fellows. A male who falls flat in his obligation to him self loses well worth absolutely. 4) Well worth in Emmanuel Kant’s strategy is the capability of an specific to perform his moral tasks to himself and others.

This can be a man’s over-all personality. Therefore, a man who have destroyed and cast away his persona, has no innate worth, and will no longer execute any manner of duty to himself and his other human being.

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