Should Cell Phones Be Banned From Schools? Essay

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Since the early 1900’s many universities have banned the use of cell phones. These colleges believed the ban must be made for the security of the learners.

Most of the universities felt that cellular phones are a danger as they are used for medicine dealing, bomb threats, and cause hindrance. Apparently when considering all facets of the situation they left out the minor detail of emergencies. When the mobile phone ban was performed people were certainly not fully aware that a cell phone could be the identifying factor between life and death. Since the September 11th episodes have educated us, cell phones have become the life lines for most Americans (“Should cell-phones be allowed in schools? “).

During the strike on the Wtc many persons used their very own cell phones to make contact with family members to speak their previous words and to call individuals to help them out of the building. Whether it wasn’t pertaining to cell phones more people would have died since they would not have been able to acquire firemen and guard employees to these people. If a scenario like this or one just like the attack on Columbine Secondary school were to occur cell phones would help learners and faculty to create phone calls intended for help in time of emergency. Although some people are resistant to the use of mobile phones in school, it is sometimes appropriate for them to be used.

Most colleges feel that cellular phones are a frenzymadness, desperation, hysteria, mania, insanity, delirium, derangement to the pupil, however if they are not found in classes there is absolutely no reason that they should not be permitted to be maintained. Personally, That stuff seriously if a cellular phone remains away during category and is certainly not used in the period when learners are getting educated then they should be permitted in schools. If a college student needs to help to make a telephone call they should be allowed to make that from a hallway, a clear class room, outside in front of the building, or someplace in which they are really not disrupting class.

The total ban of cell phones in schools is definitely not necessary always. Although mobile phones are not often used for the ideal reasons, not really everyone ought to be punished for the foolishness of others. Because of bomb risks and drug dealing created by other learners cell phones happen to be banned via schools, which could put the remaining portion of the school at risk.

Officials of schools should meet together and discuss this issue because a large number of students, father and mother, and even teachers believe that being able to have cellular phones in school will boost the safety in the students.

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