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Eureka Forbes implemented the throughout the world tried and tested immediate selling way for marketing its products in India, therefore becoming major direct advertising cOmpanies in India. Vacuum cleaners and normal water purifiers had been rather fresh concepts for Indian buyers, who had until then implemented only the traditional methods of cleaning and filtering. Therefore , Eureka Forbes had to first set up the concept of vacuums and water purifiers in India prior to it could offer Eureka being a brand.

The business believed that its core strength was its people. It used dynamic, remarkably motivated individuals, called Eurochamps, who expected the image from the friendly person from Eureka Forbes. As a result, for the standard Indian customer, Eureka Forbes became identifiable with the intelligently dressed jeweler who reached their properties and cleaned out up points in a few seconds or confirmed how air/water purifiers had been indispensable. Eurochamps initially targeted the metros but rapidly began going to smaller metropolitan areas and towns also. Although company submitted profits primarily, it suffered a setback in 1992-93, when income declined simply by 50% in comparison to the previous 12 months. The following season, the company even had to content its first-ever loss of Rs. 42. a few million. Nevertheless , gradually the companys goods gained approval in Of india markets and company revenue picked up. The company began promoting across various media primarily to acquaint its concentrate on segment, regular folks, with its products and introduce this to its sales force. These types of advertisements confirmed helpful salespersons who resolved the problems of housewives. Tv commercials commonly featured designs who came out friendly and trustworthy. The organization also used actors from popular Hindi TV Serials, such as Nitish Bhardwaj and Amar Upadhyay, to enhance the friendly and trustworthy image of its salespersons.

The companys direct marketing pushed did not end with the transformation of purchases into revenue. Eureka Forbes started a customer care network that watched over after sales services offered by the company. The companys customer service network comprised above 400 CRC (Customer Response Centers), covering over 98 towns exceeding 4000 revenue personnel doing work under it. These centers offered various options to its buyers in order to grow their satisfaction with their purchases. The company believed which a relationship would not end having a sale. It actually starts. Eureka Forbes gave a lot of importance to Customer Romantic relationship Management (CRM) and tried to maintain high level of post-sale customer speak to. As after-sales service created a crucial element of its marketing mix, the business set up a 24 hour-365 day online call center. The call centers computer software built into this tracked a complaint back in the nearest sales office or franchisee on the basis of the complainants telephone number or PIN code. Updates were arranged at an interval of every 30 minutes.

Over the years, the number of call centers was improved to six. As a result of the focused procedure and progressive products, the company was able to record an working income of Rs. 1 . 59 billion and a net income of Rs. 56 million in 1995-96. In 1997-98, these statistics reached Rs. 2 . up to 29 billion and Rs. 104 million respectively. However , Eureka Forbes was not satisfied with the expansion of the vacuum cleaner market. Although many American indian households bought vacuum cleaners, these products usage was very limited. This was because many housewives located the product large and cumbersome to use in assessment to the broom and cloth duster that have been traditionally utilized. Moreover, as domestic support was readily available, the need for vacuums was not sensed. Thus, not simply was the transmission limited, item upgrades were also low due to the infrequent usage.

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