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I consider that clinical practice as an integral part of my personal learning process. Clinical practice allow me to have got direct experience of the real world of nursing, to rehearse the clinical skills necessary for the job, to find out about basic nursing routines, and to learn about the responsibilities of the nurses. At the outset of the third term of this program my clinical experience continues to be less demanding than the first clinical experience in terms We and II. I feel that I use gain more confidence and knowledge to perform the clinical skills important to care for the patients.

I use learned several nursing skills, for example: conduct physical and health tests, I discovered to collect the ideal data that is certainly relevant to the patient’s condition, different communication skills, I also discovered different areas of responsibility that nurses possess, like contagious control. Even though I have gain a lot of confidence and knowledge, That stuff seriously I need even more practice performing head-to-toe physical assessments, a very important tool in offering the best possible proper care to a individual; I need to become more organized, begin with the head and work my way straight down in order, by doing this I can attain an accurate and convenient physical assessment, to me and most essential for the patient.

Need to continue to work with my nurse’s notes being logical, targeted, and strongly related care. I actually also need to work with documentation, which can be very important in each stage of the nursing process. I find scientific practice to become exciting, interesting, important and enjoyable. There’s a lot more to it than doing a procedure, it’s regarding developing a romantic relationship with people and working in a team. Clinical practice will also help me to consolidate my personal knowledge by simply getting my own hands on experience and rehearsing what I was taught in the laboratory.

An important factor that contributes to this clinical knowledge is the confident relationship with my medical instructor and the agency staff. I want to give thanks to my clinical instructor if you are supportive, stimulating, helpful, approachable, available, and understanding. They are all important factors that make me feel self-assurance and inspire.

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