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In S. At the. Hinton’s new, ‘The Outsiders’ the Socs were mare like a disgrace and menace to society compared to the Greasers because they realized that they were better off than the Greasers plus they used that against all of them. The Socs could quickly do something edgy and fault it on the Greasers since the police observed them as a pest to society.

These were seen as the menace of society, nevertheless is all that actually true? Sure, they don’t look like the nicest persons in town, nevertheless there is even more to all of them than what complies with the eye. One of the main reasons that Socs are a bigger disgrace to society than the Greasers is they are often the protagonists in many fights. Some examples include during pages sixty six to 68 when Randy, Bob and three different Socs penetrated grease terrain and attacked them; they did this only because they were consumed, bored and Ponyboy & Johnny was talking to their particular ex-girlfriends in a friendly way.

Another situation was described during web pages 39 to 43 in which the same bunch assaulted Ashton for no reason other than probably since they had the ability to do it. My final example was at the start of the publication on webpages 5 and 6 had been a group of five Socs assaulted Ponyboy and attempted to slice his curly hair without his permission, that they probably would have got if Ponyboy’s friends hadn’t showed up and scared the Socs apart. None of those situations got legitimate reasons for starting a fight consequently making them more of a menace compared to the greasers.

One more that Socs are a greater disgrace to society would be that the Greasers aren’t that awful themselves. For example , Ponyboy Curtis tries to act all challenging but inside, but actually he is a quiet man who likes poetry and books. Unlike the Greasers the Socs portray these people as. However, Johnny doesn’t look like the sort of guy who does kill someone, which he admitted to Ponyboy when he regained consciousness on page forty-five, but Ashton only would this in defense to save Ponyboy and himself by any more harm.

Ponyboy and Johnny would not start this fight possibly, they were just hanging out at a park for the east side, when five Socs came and occupied their area in a green Mustang and seemed to be looking for a fight. They got Ponyboy and had been drowning him in a fountain until he blacked away (pages 40 to 45). So it appears that if Ashton hadn’t of reacted the way he do, Ponyboy would have died. In either case one fatality was going to happen that night.

One more example was when the church went in flames in chapter 6th, one of the adults cries away that “…some of the kids are missing” pg. 87. Ponyboy may hear yelling from inside the cathedral. Instinctively, Ponyboy and Johnny come across the burning church through one of the house windows.

They discover a group of afraid children behind the church, huddling together. Ponyboy and Johnny elevated the children out from the window. Linger; dawdle yells “…The roof going to cave in different minute. “pg. 88 however Ponyboy and Johnny slept to make sure every one of the children were out initial which in turn claims the life of another person, Johnny this time.

My final reasons why Socs really are a bigger shame to world than greasers is that Socs only take care of themselves. Among the this was once Bob got killed simply by Johnny. Recognize when Johnny was showing the story that even though Greg was the Socs friends, instead of stay and try to help out their particular friend they will bolted out of there to protect themselves before possibly considering other people. This demonstrates that even if you really are a friend from the Socs, each individual Soc will certainly care about him/herself over you when things get serious. Another case in point wasn’t while direct, but when Ponyboy clarifies that “We’re a team.

We have to look out for each other pertaining to if we don’t, were nothing but a bunch. ” along with making the Greasers look great, it indirectly shows that the Socs don’t go around within a gang. They go around in packs, that i think is usually worse than going around in a gang. My own last model was the moment Randy had a talk with Ponyboy and he says “I’d have let these kids burn up to fatality. ” pg. 109. This shows that in case the Socs were put in that situation that they probably wouldn’t have risked their lives for some little ones they didn’t know, whether or not they might had been the ones who almost certainly started the fire.

Some people may possibly argue that the Greasers carry knives about with these people at all times. Today although that is true, performed you ever before consider how come they bring knifes about. It’s due to Socs primarily and they just use it since an violence technique in whatever way. This is as opposed to the Socs who make use of there cutlery as a technique of pain and discomfort as shown on pages 5 & 6 exactly where they bitten Ponyboy. Yet another way some people may possibly argue is that the Greasers are always fighting and hurting one another.

This is true too, but Greasers do “fair fights” which can be only combats with fists. The reason Greasers fight in any case is more of your stress reliever and/or a method to settle a predicament. Either way this is the Greasers choice, if it doesn’t affect anyone else than you cannot find any point quarrelling that. If you think about it, you will find that anything bad about Greasers can be tracked back to the Socs, or just a way that Greasers like to behave and don’t find it negative at all.

To conclude; the Socs overall are just as awful, if certainly not worse compared to the Greasers plus they should probably be viewed as mare like a menace to society by public rather than “an asset to society” pg. 3.

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