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Before all of us consider the example of a way related advertising campaign, first we need to see in brief, what are the factors that will make the marketing strategy successful inside the target market exactly where it is advertised? We can see that marketing campaign really are a sort of connection tools that companies use for send their message across to the clients they are concentrating on. The more the communication procedure will be very clear and attractive, the more the merchandise will receive response.

However , in order to communicate effectively, identifying a certain target market is extremely necessary so that the campaign can be designed appropriately. Thus when we talk about a way marketing campaign, we can look at the sort of Cartier, the fashion company and possesses its own stores and outlets around US, CANADA and UK. What they did is that they have selected a dark elegant color plan in all of their marketing campaigns which include marketing pertaining to sunglasses, rings, perfumes and purses. Being a fashion brand, elegance is among the features that they have to concentrate every along due to the fact that the market they are concentrating on includes the elite course in the area which can afford expensive branded Cartier products.

Thus in every of their promotions they have only a single graphic in their advertisements which is placed in such a means that it tells the entire account and shows all the classiness of the merchandise. Moreover, the usage of text is usually very low because what the manufacturer wants to show the target market would be that the product alone shows what its classiness really is plus they themselves need not show that to the elite class as the company would like to portray that each product that Cartier marketplaces is unique, classy and brand. Thus, in the elite school, this type of elegant and simple style marketing have been very good whenever Audemars launches a new product.

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