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First, I can view a man and a woman jogging into perspective from the bottom remaining of the graphic, diagonally through the scene towards the top correct. They are holding hands as they walk. The girl with wearing a very light and airy skinny materialed flowing white costume; I cannot discover her curly hair color.

She’s a thin female. The man, because they are walking is definitely pointing points out to the girl, things inside the distance. This individual seems to speak a lot regarding the things he could be pointing in. He offers black hair and is in a very shirt or a jacket that reminds me of Star Travel: TNG, or other comparable sci-fi attire, goldish in color and almost sparkly; the edges a 2 (at least) solid line of a bit lighter color around the outer edges in the garment.

The setting definitely seems to be sand in color, Egypt would be the best reference from here on earth, and the sun is definitely shining. You will discover others about, but not immediately close-by to this couple. (To note: As I was producing this, around 10: 40 am Far eastern Standard Time, I got a very strong smell of dark beer. I do not have any beer during my home. ) Second, I acquired a close up image of a woman’s face/head.

She has moderately long dark hair, and wears what appear to be thick-lensed glasses. The girl with sitting in some sort of layered seating including in an auditorium, arena, or perhaps university classroom. She is holding a pencil or pencil in her right palm between her fingers, frequently moving her hand around as the lady speaks into a person placed to her right. I believe the individual she is talking to is men, adult, nevertheless I cannot observe him. Even while, she is seeing and hearing what is going on facing her.

Your woman was within a light colored long-sleeved slender blouse. The older man in the fruit shirt is looking over toward another a part of this place and seems to be arguing with someone. This individual doesn’t look happy by any means.

I cannot see the person he is arguing with, however , I actually get the feeling that he’s arguing together with his wife over something when he is getting willing to leave to go somewhere. Straight outside the brooklyn garage door, I can see pavement and grass aside, and right now there looks to be considered a fence next to the lawn. On the lawn, I see some thing largely reddish colored with green, definitely a child’s doll; it looks like it could be a small truck or get rid of truck, nevertheless I can’t see for sure.

There is something different to the left with this object although I cannot make it out both; I’m speculating a tricycle.

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