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General Mandible is a very extreme ant, and everything he thinks about is the colony. Anything that the ants carry out should always be to get the benefit of the colony, designed for the benefit of individuals. This type of leadership that Mandible uses in the soldiers is similar to more of a fascist government, while fascist government authorities are all about the state. Standard Mandible explained this to his soldiers: “What things is the nest. ” What Mandible strategies this is that whatever you need to do in your existence, whether it be preventing or operating, should always be to get the benefit of the state.

This demonstrates a fascist form of government because Mandible desires his soldiers to focus on how a battle with the termites with benefit the state, no matter how a large number of lives are dropped in the process. An additional example of how Mandible is known as a fascist is definitely when he stated “The life of an specific ant won’t matter. What is important is the colony. We live for the colony, we fight for the colony, and die to get the colony”. This implies that Mandible only wants things that are best for the colony and that he doesn’t love the individual ants. Mandible likewise resembles a communist government in the way that he attempts to create an equal society, however in doing so he stripped individuals rights away from them and imposed the autocratic secret.

Among the this was how Mandible acquired the ants working prior to Z got influenced them. He had these people working almost all of the day, and in addition they didn’t include any slow days. The ants also didn’t have any personal property that belonged to them, as every thing belonged to the state. Mandible resembles a communist government because the ants with the colony didn’t have any rights, so when they were told to do points by Mandible they did all of them without question. They will werent permitted to speak for themselves or do things that they can wanted to, of course, if they did they would get bout cuts, as Azteca did when the lady spoke on with Weaver. Additionally, they didn’t have got any personal items, as the various tools and weaponry that the ants used belonged to the state.

The final kind of government that General Mandible represents is actually a dictatorship. This individual resembles a dictatorship in how that he has control over all parts from the colony, and he will things the way in which he enjoys without tips from other folks. Before Mandible dies, this individual said this kind of to Z .: “You ineffective, ungrateful maggot! I ARE THE NEST! “. This kind of shows that Mandible resembles a dictatorship because he had all the power and control in the colony, so when he says ” I ARE THE COLONY”, he claims that dr. murphy is the most important and vital person in the colony, and without him, the nest would come down into chaos. Mandible is usually an extreme and horrible leader, and he resembles various sorts of government including fascism, the reds, and dictatorship.

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