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Train’s “Hey, Spirit Sister” uses several kinds of literary elements to the listener

into a loving, but faithful relationship. The use of eloquent terms that charm to all feelings provide a single with imagery and a feel of freedom. This is demonstrated through the concepts of recollection, sweet relationship, and take pleasure in.

The first sentirse draws the listener in with the image of any kiss. “Your lipstick staining on the front lobe of my side brains” (Monahan). This implies a kiss on the forehead. This line, “I knew I actually wouldn’t forget you, inch draws on the concept of memory (Monahan). It works especially well because the frontal lobe of the brain is where memory space is kept which goes along with the dedication not to forget something or someone. Later inside the verse that says, “the smell of you atlanta divorce attorneys single fantasy I dream” (Monahan). This not only creates some fantastic symbolism, but proceeds with the play on memory because, of the five senses, smell is the most directly connected to memory space. Likewise, songs themselves are praised for being aids to the memory space because the moment one hears a song it either makes a memory space, or recalls one of one other time he / she heard the song ahead of.

Next, the fan base hits the chorus connecting the previous ideas of affection and passion with the subject “Soul Sister”. Rather than jumping to a weird view of things, the presentation of the name shows the song a friendly, innocent truly feel. The relationship of the girl stated in the tune is more than just a feeling, nevertheless comparatively contains a connection “Hey, Soul Sister” uses a great deal of literary components to pull the listener

in a romantic, nevertheless innocent romantic relationship. The use of vivid words that appeal to any or all senses give one with imagery and a feel of freedom. This is shown throughout the ideas of memory, lovely romance, and love.

The initially verse pulls the audience in with the image of a kiss. “Your lip stick stains for the front lobe of my personal left side brains” (Monahan). This implies a hug on the your forehead. The following line, “I realized I more than likely forget you, ” showcases the idea of memory space (Monahan). Functions especially very well because the frontal lobe in the brain is where memory is definitely stored which usually goes along with the determination to remember someone or something. After in the sentirse it says, “the smell of you in every one dream We dream” (Monahan). This not only produces some great imagery, although continues together with the play on storage in that, with the five detects, smell is considered the most directly linked to memory. Also, songs are known for being aids for the memory mainly because when a single hears a song this either the memory, or recalls one of another time he or she observed the track before.

Next, the listener visits the refrain connecting the preceding tips of love and infatuation while using title “Soul Sister”. Rather than jumping into a creepy view of points, the business presentation of the name gives the music a friendly, innocent feel. The partnership of the young lady mentioned inside the song is far more than just a sense, but comparatively has a connection

through spirit. She is so perfect and compatible, she’s like a brother, only much more. The music shows the partnership to be fresh and clean. “I no longer wanna miss a single thing you need to do tonight” (Monahan). As if the two people included are clearly made for each other, but not wants to get ahead of themselves or the different as they grow closer.

Finally, there is a recurring theme of love through the entire entire part. Beginning in the first line together with the word “brains”, the idea of distinct organs and parts of the body becoming instruments of love are drawn out (Monahan). In the second sentirse, the phrase, “you possess a one track mind with this problem, ” produces the idea of the mind which connects back to the brain (Monahan). Later in the same verse may be the line, “my heart is likely to beat correct out my own untrimmed chest” (Monahan). This specific reference provides the generally accepted epitome of take pleasure in, the heart. As the complete song eludes back to a “soul sister” the heart and soul can also be attached into this kind of theory (Monahan). The aforementioned breasts and minds could be considered as parts addressing the entire body. This combines heart, body, mind, and soul anything the world is convinced can be used to love or given in love to one other.

In these ways “Hey, Soul Sister” brings together many different thoughts and images using memory, the idea of genuine romance, and love in every single way.

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